Web app for Health and Safety

Report and track injuries, sickness and dangerous workplace incidents

Report and track injuries, sickness and dangerous workplace incidents with the FourVision web app for Health and Safety. Our web app is fully integrated with Power BI for real-time analytics and GDPR compliant.

Workplace incidents

Any workplace incident is unfortunate and sets off a number of administrative tasks required for regulatory compliance. Workplace incident reporting requires a company document the incident and follow strict reporting requirements as well as maintain those records for a specific period of time. This information is often stored in multiple physical and unsecured locations which put the company at risk for non-compliance and can result in significant fines and penalties.

Health and Safety web app for Dynamics Human Resources

But what if you could have all information regarding the incident available centrally, providing access only to authorized individuals? With FourVision’s Health & Safety web app, this is possible. You simply register an incident of any kind in our web app and this is then picked up by the corresponding person in your organization who then takes the necessary steps. Investigation can be initiated, and necessary actions can be taken to avoid a reoccurrence of the incident. Everything is stored in one central platform.

With our Web Apps you can bet on simplicity and efficiency. Get the Health & Safety app now.

Key takeaways

  • Efficient method of registering incidents and accidents;
  • Track the entire incidents process;
  • Create tasks to prevent the same incident from happening again
  • Fully integrated with Power BI for real-time analytics;
  • Dashboard to view workspace incident trends and statistics;
  • Incident management supported by a flexible and easily configurable workflow;
  • Multi-device access;
  • Connected to the Common Date Service;
  • GDPR Compliant.

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