Compose your End-to-End HR solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365

The toolbox to extend the HCM capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with FourVision's HR apps and more.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

From organizational hierarchies to resource planning, Microsoft’s integrated approach with Dynamics 365 enables HR to impact the whole organization.

Features are accessible through various office 365 tools, data is instantly updated in all Dynamics 365 modules, and by extension – all FourVision HR solutions.

As Microsoft’s first partner to specialize in the HCM module of Dynamics 365, we have the knowledge and  15+ years of experience to implement and optimize your HR systems.

2018 Microsoft Gold Partner

Dynamics 365 for Human Resources

Being part of Finance & Supply Chain Management (F&SCM), Dynamics 365 Core HR forms the HRIS that enables organizations to create a workplace where people and businesses thrive. Organize your HR department, automate administrative tasks, and garnering valuable insights.

Microsoft Teams & Viva

Elevate Employee Experience with Microsoft Teams as a unified hub for communication and HR-related tasks.

Microsoft 365 (Office)

Use relevant HR tools within the Office apps your employees are familiar with to improve collaboration & communication.

FourVision HR Solutions for Dynamics 365

Extend the native functionality of the HR module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM with our apps.

Going beyond Core HR with FourVision Apps

While the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 HR solution offers a variety of features, our experience shows that organizations benefit from more advanced HR management features to excel in End-to-End HR processes. Our standard apps seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365 (HR), each offering unique functions to streamline your workforce’s tasks.

Boarding for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Better onboarding, transfers, and offboarding. Use activity checklists, templates, and personalized guides to increase employee retention.

HR-Request for Microsoft Dynamics 365

HR Request

Standardize HR requests with automated request workflows. Enable self-service on desktop and mobile for efficient employee support.

Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Document Management

Streamline HR document management. Categorize, set reminders, and access on desktop and mobile for full employee lifecycle support.

Performance Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Performance Management

Establish a robust performance management framework, facilitate goal setting and tracking, regular feedback, and enable employees.

Succession Planning for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Succession Planning

Assess employee potential, identify gaps, define key roles, and align with business needs. Utilize the 9- or 16 box matrix, and seamless Performance Management integration.

Merit Increase for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Merit Increase

Digitize compensation calculations, enhance budget awareness, and manage individual or company-wide merit increases. Utilize HR and performance data to automate your rewards management process

Payroll Interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Payroll Interface

Seamlessly integrate any payroll solution with Dynamics 365 F&O, allowing either HR or Finance to efficiently manage salary payout.

Time Registration for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Timesheets & Expenses

Enhance efficiency with centralized submission and approval. Real-time visibility, alerts, and resource planning tools for managers.


Resource Planning

Monitor and analyze how your staff spends your time to better organize and plan your resources. Use Timesheets data to help you plan and use your resource effectively.

Partner products

We have established partnerships with market-leading companies to expand our End-to-End HR solution portfolio. All products are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (HR) and FourVision’s HR solutions.

iCIMS Talent Cloud

iCIMS provides an extensive Talent Acquisition suite known as Talent Cloud, which enables organizations to effectively attract, involve, recruit, and progress top-tier talent. Use powerful features such as applicant tracking, AI-driven screening, and candidate relationship management.

FourVision Dynamics 365 & iCIMS integration

Benefit from our seamless integration that connects iCIMS Talent Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance – Human Resources. Simplify hiring processes by synchronizing job information between both systems, transmitting pre-hire details, and enhancing data.

Dynamics ATS

A powerful applicant tracking system on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Streamline hiring through job posting, resume screening, and interview management. Partnered with FourVision, Dynamics ATS offers a cohesive and efficient talent acquisition approach.

Zensai Learn365 (LMS365)

The Learning Management System for Microsoft 365. Expanding Dynamics 365 with learning features such as: seamlessly integrate training, assessments, and certification into your workflow. Achieve efficient and impactful employee development.

ADP Celergo

ADP Celergo streamlines payroll processes with its comprehensive platform, built to work with the HR module of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Simplify payroll processes, ensure accuracy, compliance, and simplify compliance globally.

DocuSign integration for Dynamics 365 HR

Enter your DocuSign credentials in our Document Management app to transform signing documents into automated workflows. Giving your employees a fast, easy, secure and compliant way to sign documents online.

Cover your End-to-End HR process with Microsoft and FourVision!

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