Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Document Management

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR (F&SCM)

Secure document storage with role-based access

We know that storing documentation about your employees is key to good employee and workforce management and development. Necessary documentation varies from personal details such as a copy of identification to newly acquired certifications. What is most important is that you are able to store any type of document safely. We can help you set up your HR system so that your teams are connected through cloud-based secure storage. In other words, your managers will be able to review any documents related to the employees in their teams and your employees can personally update new documentation at any given time.

FourVision Document Management workflow for Dynamics 365 HR in Finance SCM

Meet the needs of your business


  • Central documentation storage for all stages of the employee lifecycle
  • Facilitate document templates and e-signatures (DocuSign) as part of letter & document generation
  • Set-up company-specific configurations for security, workflows, retention rules & document templates
  • Receive notifications of document expiration dates
  • Connection to Recruitment via the HR Request Web App

Key Features

  • Central location to store all documents with e-mail and in-app notifications
  • Document storage using different categories & category groups
  • Security configuration to control access and visibility based on category
  • Separate workflows & retention rules for data protection policies based on categories
  • Letter generation with integrated DocuSign e-signature capability for offers, transfer, disciplinary, promotion, appointment letters, contracts and more

Increased functionality for HR Documents in D365 HR

We have found a way to increase functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources Core HR Documents with our Document Management Web App. The App ensures that any and all documents are linked to the correct individual employee from the moment you decide to hire and onboard them up until the minute they retire. It is important to keep the documents accessible, as well as updated, at all times.

Collecting documents during the entire employee lifecycle

In the candidate and hiring stages, Document Management supports the collection of necessary documents for you to be able to make an offer and give you an overview of what information is missing right away. This ensures the completion of an employee’s profile.

During the Employee Management lifecycle, it is important to keep all documents on a regular basis (e.g. passport renewals, etc.). This can be tricky to keep track of, so we have added the option to add reminders to notify you whenever a document is about to expire. Similarly, employee development and workforce planning benefits from having the Document Management Web App as it will give you a clear overview of whom you might need to undergo training and receive (new) certification.
Your employees can update their own documents with new certifications and set reminders of when it is time to renew them, if applicable.

Document Management Web App Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR Create Template FourVision


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