Transform your Dynamics 365 Doc Management with the FourVision Document Management Web App

There’s no disputing that employee documentation is necessary for ensuring robust workforce management.

From personal details and copies of qualifications to training and disciplinary records, good documentation helps managers to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and consistently, and that the organization is compliant with any applicable laws and regulations.

Although Dynamics 365 does include some document management functionality, users are in large part limited to attaching documents to employee profiles in Dynamics 365 HR. For more general document management, it’s often the case that teams are forced to use disparate tools like SharePoint or OneDrive (or worse, email and local storage!).

As such, most organizations implement some form of document management system to assist HR personnel to manage critical documentation more seamlessly and safely.

Why is a document management system important?

A document management system’s main purpose is to help organizations collect and store any documentation that’s required through an employee’s lifecycle.

This might sound simple enough but there’s a lot of scope for mistakes and inefficiencies when employees are responsible for handling any sort of documentation, and this can cause major headaches for organizations, particularly where strict regulations govern how documentation should be stored and who should have access.

A robust document management system can help organizations to prevent these mistakes and efficiencies, and offer significant advantages such as lower operational costs, improved security, and better information governance.

Document management challenges

In our digital world where the concept of a paperless office is now an everyday reality, and where more widespread access to data has led to more stringent regulation governing how it’s collected, stored, and managed, document management is becoming quite the challenge for organizations.

To help HR leaders overcome this challenge, a wide variety of document management tools, platforms, and solutions has emerged. The market-leading ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example, includes native document management tools such as SharePoint and OneDrive.

However, as we’ve already touched on, while these tools are good starting points, they’re somewhat limited and aren’t nearly suitable enough for organizations that want a robust employee documentation solution.

That’s why we created our own solution: the Document Management Web App.

Key features at a glance:

  • One central location for all HR documentation.
  • Documentation storage according to specified categories.
  • Fully configurable document templates.
  • Notifications for document expiration dates.
  • Compliant with regulations like the EU GDPR.
  • Fully accessible on both web and mobile

Document Management Employee Dashboard Dynamics 365 Web App

The Document Management Web App

The HR Document Management Web App builds on the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Core HR Documents and helps customers to:

  • Organize disjointed storage — Fundamentally, the HR Document Management Web App helps organizations to design digital workspaces for increased efficiency by allowing HR leaders to create a single, centralized, searchable repository for building, storing, and tracking employee documentation.
  • Achieve GDPR compliance — The HR Document Management Web App stores employee data in a secure, structured environment within Dynamics 365. This enables seamless compliance with regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Create document templates — Creating documents in Dynamics 365 is very limited but with the HR Document Management Web App, you’re able to easily design enhanced document templates yourself which you can then make available to employees based on user profiles.
  • Enable employee self-service — The HR Document Management Web App can enable employees to access their own personal dashboard where they can access and manage their own records, such as certificates and qualifications.
  • Manage document retention — The web app makes it possible to set time limits for how long a particular document should be stored in Dynamics 365. This can then be applied as a rule to a single document or all documents that meet certain user-defined criteria.

Document Management Web App Standard Templates Dynamics 365

These and other key features of the HR Document Management Web App together deliver several benefits to customers.

First, the app gives HR leaders a clear overview of the current workforce, which enables better decision-making and workforce planning when it comes to things like training and renewing certifications.

Additionally, simple storage categories—a feature missing from native Dynamics 365—helps organize documents on a per-category basis of the employee management cycle. Categories like personal information, insurance, pension, payments, contracts, sickness, certification, and more provide a much better overview and management potential than when all documents are lumped together in one place.

Request a free demo of the Document Management Web App

The FourVision Document Management solution for Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool that can help HR leaders streamline their employee document management workflows.

GDPR-compliant and capable of working on any device, it’s a must-have tool for Dynamics 365 users who want functionality beyond what its native document management allows.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more or to request a free demonstration.


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