Resource Planning

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR (F&SCM)

Optimized workforce allocation powered by your HR data

Plan your workforce and monitor project budgets more effectively. The key to successful resource planning is to unlock the power of your HR data. This helps ensure a smart, structured and streamlined approach when planning for project-based activities. As a result, your employees, such as consultants and contractors, are efficiently scheduled to meet the needs of your organization’s clients.

FourVision Resource Planning, part of our Timesheets & Expenses App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR, is a data-driven solution for optimizing your resource allocation and improving project management. Discover the benefits of simple, efficient resource allocation for HR management and workforce planning.

FourVision Resource Planning for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance SCM

Meet the needs of your business


  • Control your budget: The user-friendly Planning overview lets your managers schedule billable and non-billable hours for each project, optimize resource planning and manage budgets more effectively.
  • Workforce planning: Assess resource gaps such as skills, knowledge, and workforce occupancy – providing you with insights to plan for future workforce needs.
  • Boost employee engagement: Ensure balanced workloads and promote employee well-being by evenly distributing skills across projects.
  • Optimal employee experience: Offer employees a single, user-friendly app for checking their work schedules and accessing all HR-related information they need to thrive.

Key Features

  • Monitor project resourcingTrack the planned VS. actual amount of hours spent by workers on a project and improve the planning in every cycle.
  • Budget warnings: If an employee reports that they have worked more than the planned number of hours on a project, this is marked in the Planning overview.
  • Data-driven solution: Integrate rich HR data into your strategic workforce decisions to create an end-to-end HR approach to resource planning.
  • Seamless integration: This solution is built specifically for your Dynamics 365 for Human Resources, ensuring a smooth workflow and optimal user experience.

Optimized resource allocation

Support your workforce and give your customers the best performance during project-based activities by leveraging HR data. Our tool helps managers reduce errors and allocate resources optimally, so projects remain within budget and on schedule.

Empowering employee growth

Our Resource Planning tool enables you to identify skill gaps and distributes workload evenly. This lets your HR team play an active role in achieving better project outcomes while also promoting employee development. Invest in your workforce’s future with data-driven insights that drive continuous learning and upskilling.


Your employees

Your employees enjoy streamlined work schedules and clear task assignments that are aligned with their skills. They can easily view all upcoming tasks schedules in one centralized platform, enhancing their work-life balance and overall satisfaction.

Your managers

Your managers benefit from easier workforce management and real-time insights into team activities. Our tool supports them to make better resource-planning decisions and optimize activities to achieve the best possible business outcomes with each project.

Your HR admins

Your HR admin gain enhanced efficiency, simple leave-of-absence management and lower administrative workloads. By seamlessly integrating HR data into resource planning, our tool empowers HR to play a more strategic role in your business’s success.


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