Harness the power of HR data with Resource Planning for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

For companies that work with clients on a project basis, resource planning is a vital task. Week by week, employees must be scheduled and assigned to the right projects and clients based on their skills, experience, hourly rates and other factors.

Until recently, resource planning has been a time-consuming task, involving multiple applications and data that is spread out and siloed. With the Resource Planning feature in the FourVision Timesheets Web App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, companies can now benefit by seamlessly integrating resource planning into their HR system.

This feature connects resource planning with the organization’s HR data. As a result, HR teams now have a single, easy-to-use dashboard for resource planning. Instead of having to toggle between multiple systems, such as Microsoft Projects, Project Service Automation (PSA), performance management and leave-of-absence apps, now all the data is available within a single overview.

This unique, data-driven approach to resource planning offers many key benefits. In addition to the standard functionality of keeping track of employees’ working hours and project budgets, the Resource Planning feature from FourVision lets HR plan employee’s project-based schedules faster, more efficiently and with a stronger focus on the individual employee’s performance and well-being.

HR data is the crucial factor behind this new resource planning experience. Since the FourVision Resource Planning for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O feature taps into HR’s performance management data, resource planners can now immediately see which employees offer the skills to make them a good match for a particular project. It also enables HR to identify skill gaps, so they offer additional training to help employees in their development.

The Resource Planning also integrates financial data, enabling HR to schedule the right employees for a project based on their hourly rates. This helps align resource planning with project budgets to generate more value for the organization and its clients.

Additionally, Resource Planning is fully connected with HR’s leave of absence data. That means there is no need to cross-check leave of absence requests before creating a new weekly schedule, and there is never any risk of scheduling employees who are actually on leave.

By connecting Resource Planning with HR data, FourVision is helping organizations implement an end-to-end HR approach. This puts HR at the center of all operations and contributes to a better employee experience. It also enables HR to play a more strategic role by contributing to their organization’s future planning.





Resource Planning for Dynamics 365

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