Payroll Interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Payroll Interface

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR (F&SCM)

Connect your Payroll to Dynamics 365

Are your HR and Payroll systems integrated seamlessly? Do you want a system that can communicate perfectly? We can help you with that. We have developed a great interface that will allow your Payroll system to communicate with your HR system. This will help you streamline your company’s payroll process, both domestically and internationally thanks to Microsoft Dataverse. All personnel data that you stored in your HR system on the Dynamics 365 platform can be accessed through the secure cloud-based data streaming. The interface makes the translation between the required employee details and expedites it to Payroll translated to the correct format.

FourVision Payroll Interface integration model

Meet the needs of your business


  • Easily manage global payroll runs from the Payroll Interface app
  • Maintain high data integrity with solution-based troubleshooting during approval
  • Adapt to company-specific needs using custom fields
  • Effortlessly comply with country-specific legal and tax requirements
  • Minimize risks in handling confidential data: GDPR and DPA compliant
  • Easily capture delta changes for, new hires, terminations, transfers & pay related changes each month

Key Features

  • Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance or HR to any Payroll system
  • Out-of-the-box interface: reduce the amount of custom configuration required for non-standard integrations
  • Automatically close periods and initiate the next payroll run as needed
  • Customize pay cycles, pay periods, and data filtering rules
  • Convert and export data in various formats (.txt, .csv, .xml)
  • Customize fields with a wide range of field types

Sync Payroll and Dynamics 365 HR using Payroll Interface

Your assigned Payroll administrator can configure the interface in such a way that all changes made to your staff’s personal information is registered immediately. Payroll Interface translates the stored data into a language that your Payroll system understands perfectly by using API, XML, or CSV files for processing.

Configure your data storage according to all requirements

We will help you configure the interface so that all data is stored correctly per country, per legal entity, or conforming to fiscal data requirements. Especially when it comes to private information regarding:

  • Employee identity
  • Contact and other private employee details
  • Employee data regarding benefits
  • Work statistics
  • Worker categories
  • Compensation
  • Payroll data including earning and tax codes, and pay cycles

Link D365 HR with any local Payroll provider

We have managed to combine the best of two worlds: A great global HR solution linked to well-known Payroll providers, like ADP, Ceridian, Sage, or any other local Payroll provider that your company uses.



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