Total Rewards & Payroll

Ensure that every hour worked is accounted for and compensated.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR as part of Finance & Operations empowers you to handle the financial dimensions of employee time like no other ERP system. Our solutions provide a unified platform for managing all types of rewards, tracking employee work hours, and ensuring accurate payroll calculations.

Pay employees anywhere, your way

Create compensation programs based on predefined guidelines either individually or collectively, to automate company-wide roll-outs.

Whether within Dynamics 365 Finance, or a third party payroll solution, our payroll connector ensures accurate and timely rewards, so you will deliver payroll, budgets, and tax filings accurately and on time.

Unified payroll provision worldwide

Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly with global payroll vendors using the FourVision payroll connector. This simplified and time-saving integration method maintains data precision, and ensures compliance with country-specific, legal, and fiscal requirements. We support you in setting up the interface for flawless data management.

Total Rewards & Payroll for Dynamics 365 F&O HR

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Supported HR processes & functionalities



Ensure accurate and timely payroll processing with a complete payroll solution provided by our partners, or your provider of choice.


Payroll Connector

Seamlessly integrate any payroll solution with Dynamics 365 F&O, allowing either HR or Finance to efficiently manage salary payout.


Merit Increase

Simplify the merit increase process, ensure fair and transparent reward allocation based on performance, fostering employee motivation and retention.


Rewards Management

Drive employee motivation and engagement by offering tailored rewards and incentives, encouraging exceptional performance and reinforcing desired behaviors.


Compensation Management

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline compensation planning, automate benefit administration, and optimize rewards, empowering your organization to stay competitive in the market.



Automate benefits through a centralized system with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

FV-Index Bonuses


Provide flat bonuses to your entire team or differentiate between individuals based on performance data.


Time & Attendance

Ensure workforce punctuality with Time- and Attendance tracking, allowing employees to conveniently clock-in and clock-out.



Monitor and manage employee time investments effectively, enabling precise project tracking and resource utilization with Timesheets.


Leave & Absence

Enable your employees to submit- and keep track of leave requests, and have those approved or declined by their manager.



Empower employees to submit and track expenses easily, optimizing reimbursement processes.


Analytics & Reporting

Visualize HR data effortlessly, gain actionable insights, empowering data-driven decision-making for Payroll and Time & Attendance.



Seamlessly integrate with your existing Dynamics 365 HR ecosystem, expand capabilities, and customize it to meet your Time & Payroll needs.



Empower employees, managers and HR teams with interactive dashboards that provide action-based insights.

Built with partner solutions that are best for your organization

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