Talent Acquisition

Proactively find, engage and hire talent.

In today’s tight labor market, it’s harder than ever to attract the right talent. That means that providing the perfect candidate experience is key to a fruitful employee-employer relationship.

We work with industry leading recruitment- and hiring solution providers to offer the solution that fits your Talent Acquisition strategy, and create a seamless experience within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Maximize your Recruitment potential

From employer branding to the screening and selection of candidates, our solutions support your organization in maximizing your recruitment potential and alleviate the burden on both candidates and your HR department.

Advanced Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring processes like offer management, hiring requisitions and onboarding are typically heavy on administration and disconnected from HR on a systems level.

Our End-to-End approach to talent acquisition ensures that each stage of the candidate’s journey is a seamless experience, while also eliminating the need for multiple data entries from your hiring system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O-HR.

Advanced Talent Acquisition for Dynamics 365 F&O HR

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Supported HR processes & functionalities



Extend the recruitment capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our advanced recruitment solutions to find the perfect candidate for every position.


Career sites

Create visually appealing career sites to showcase your company and attract potential candidates.


Employer branding

Build a strong employer brand that attracts top talent, fosters employee loyalty, and differentiates your organization in a competitive market.


Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Enhance candidate engagement and build strong talent pipelines with a system that facilitates candidate interactions and effective communication.


AI Resume Screening

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of resume screening, allowing you to focus on the most qualified candidates and make informed hiring decisions.


Chat bot

Enhance candidate satisfaction and reduce response time by leveraging an AI-powered chatbot that guides candidates through your career site.



Optimize your hiring processes with solutions that suite your organization while having your job- and worker data synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Applicant tracking (ATS)

Gain full visibility and control over your candidate pipeline, automate workflows, and simplify the evaluation and selection process.


Offer management

Manage job offers, negotiate terms, and close top talent quickly, ensuring a positive candidate experience and reducing time-to-acceptance.


Hiring requisitions

Standardize and automate your hiring requisition process, enabling better resource planning, faster approvals, and improved hiring outcomes.


Document Management

Centralize and securely manage all candidate and employee documents for easy access and compliance.



Provide a personalized onboarding experience for new hires, ensuring their successful integration, productivity, and long-term retention.



Empower employees, managers and HR teams with interactive dashboards that provide action-based insights.


Analytics & Reporting

Access comprehensive analytics and reports that provide actionable insights, enabling you to evaluate performance, identify trends, and refine your talent acquisition approach.



Seamlessly integrate with your existing Dynamics 365 HR ecosystem, expand capabilities, and customize it to meet your unique talent acquisition needs.

Built with partner solutions that are best for your organization

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