Time Registration for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Timesheets & Expenses

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR (F&SCM)

Time is money. So how do you spend yours?

We can help you monitor and analyze how you and your employees spend your time and various expenses. Determine if your teams are spending their time where they should and adjust accordingly. Analytics reports through Power BI give concise overviews of where help is needed or not; helping you plan to make the most of your workforce and ensuring your company’s growth for the future.

Timesheets and Expenses for Dynamics 365 HR workflow model

Meet the needs of your business


  • Easy time registration for time spent on projects or tasks internally and time spent at customers externally
  • Resource planning to plan resources more effectively using timesheets data
  • Quick and easy expense registration for your employees for any type of expense
  • Direct insight into payment of submitted, approved & paid expenses
  • Notify your employees via Teams using in-chat reminders

Key Features

  • Configurable forms to register hours and expenses
  • Resource Planning supported with Timesheets data
  • Real-time analytics reports with Power BI
  • Embed Timesheets and Expenses in any app like Microsoft Teams, Viva, or Dynamics 365 F&O
  • Clock in & out to track time and attendance 
  • Support for both Desktop and Mobile use

Easy time registration for employees and approval for managers

Timesheets Registration helps you monitor efficiency and determine whether you are employing your staff where you need them the most. Each individual employee can easily register their own hours on their computers or mobile devices and give a description where required. The registered time will immediately go to the correct supervisor to be approved of.

Easy tracking & invoicing of billable hours at external customers

You will now be able to easily export any billable hours your employees make at external customers and charge them directly. Timesheets allows you to export an overview of any hours that have to be charged to your customers. They will receive a direct invoice listing exactly what is being charged so that you can both keep track of the time spent in relation to the hours that are billed. Most importantly, this option will ensure correct billing; making mistakes a thing of the past!

Timesheets Reminders in Microsoft Teams


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