Merit Increase for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Merit Increase

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR (F&SCM)

Rewards Management for Dynamics 365

Streamline your Merit Increase by digitalizing your compensation calculation process. Increase budget awareness and offer your managers an easy-to-use merit increase tool to accurately reward individuals or roll out company-wide compensation. All the while making use of up-to-date HR- and performance data from integrations with Dynamics 365 for Finance & HR.

Merit Increase in Performance Management for Dynamics 365 HR workflow model

Compensate employees individually based on performance and flat increases

Simplify your Merit Increase process workflow with multifactor calculation and budget checks

Foster a sense of value and aligning individual contributions with business objectives

Meet the needs of your business


  • Enable HR or finance to determine budgets and line-managers to award merit to their team members
  • Eliminate manual data entry from multiple sources like Excel spreadsheets
  • Create workflows that consider flat compensation plans and incorporate performance scores, bonuses, and additional salary increases
  • Make data-driven decisions and prevent central tendency bias
  • Enhance budget visibility to support strategic workforce planning
  • Reward high performing employees with individual bonus increases based on performance data

Key Features

  • Manager self-service
  • Multi-factor merit calculation (annual increment, performance scores, bonus, promotions, etc.)
  • Budget checks based on allocated budgets
  • Automatic updates of new salaries in Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Relative and absolute increases in local currencies
  • Configurable multi-step approval workflows
  • Optional use of alternative / dotted-line management hierarchy
  • Synchronization with performance management data
  • Part of FourVision Performance Management for Dynamics 365 HR

Streamline merit increase automation

Thanks to the automatic capturing of all relevant data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & HR, merit increase eliminates the need to manually export- and import data to Excel and calculating salaries manually.

It is fully embedded in FourVision’s Performance Management Web App, which means each employee’s performance score is automatically captured and your workflow is uninterrupted.

Increase budget awareness

HR and managers exercise complete workflow control. They can predefine merit increase budgets and configure multiple currencies if needed. Managers can also independently assign varied merit increases to specific employees. This streamlined process enhances efficiency, saves time, and ensures transparency with a unified overview for all managers. The risk of sensitive salary data exposure to unauthorized individuals is eliminated, eliminating the need to sift through emails and spreadsheets for relevant information.

Merit Increase Salary increase for Dynamics 365 F&O HR
Merit Increase Compensation Regions for Dynamics 365 F&O HR


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