Workforce Management

Get strategic and plan ahead.

Strategic HCM starts with a solid HR Information System (HRIS). Building on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O as the foundation, we deliver advanced solutions that allow you to excel in organizational management, minimize the administrative burden, and break down barriers between HR and all stakeholders throughout your company.

Manage and scale your global workforce

Today, HR leaders are tasked to plan, manage, and optimize global people processes, while somehow driving efficiency create meaningful employee experiences.

FourVision helps you to document your processes, set up organizational structures- and hierarchies, define roles, and set up workflows to keep up with your business priorities. So you can spend your time on making the decisions that matter.

Automate mundane HR tasks

Harness the power of a centralized data source. Microsoft Dataverse allows you to increase efficiency, reduce human errors, and free up your HR team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Use your ‘single source of truth’ to minimize the administrative burden, ensure compliance adherence and as a result, automate HR tasks like time- and attendance tracking, leave, document management, payroll processing, and more.

Advanced Workforce Management for Dynamics 365 F&O HR

Employee Experience: The right tools, for the right people, in the right place.

Improve satisfaction and engagement through intuitive interfaces, personalized insights, and a hassle-free experience. With a single HR login, people can use all the tools and apps they need, instead of having to switch between many systems and logins.

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Supported HR processes & functionalities


Organization Management

Achieve organizational excellence through clear hierarchies, seamless team collaboration, and effective delegation of responsibilities.


Personnel Management

Simplify personnel administration and reduce manual overheads as you manage employee records, roles, and responsibilities.


Workforce Planning

Gain insight in current workforce’s capacity and anticipate future workforce needs to meet organizational goals.


Resource Planning

Optimize resource allocation of project-based employees, resulting in smarter planning, happier employees and satisfied customers.


Leave & Absence

Improve HR’s ability to plan and manage leaves, promoting a healthy work-life balance and reducing workforce disruptions.



Provide a personalized onboarding experience for employees, ensuring their successful integration, productivity, and long-term retention.



Streamline the offboarding process with checklists for exit procedures, maintain positive relationships with departing employees, preserving organizational reputation.

HR Requests

Standardize common employee inquiries like transfers or employment changes, ensuring timely responses and less administration.



Give employees control over their work hours and activities, allowing managers to track and optimize resource allocation.


Document Management

Eliminate paperwork, ensure data security, and improve accessibility for employees and managers with HR document management.


Enable your people to access personal data and perform HR-related tasks, like leave approvals and performance.

Microsoft Teams

Elevate Employee Experience by utilizing Microsoft Teams as a unified hub for communication and HR-related tasks and apps.

Microsoft Viva

Boost workforce engagement and well-being with Viva, a set of tools designed for employees to thrive in the digital workplace.

HR Portal

Aggregate essential HR information for employees and provide easy access to various tools with our SharePoint-based HR portal.


Core HR

Increase organizational agility by centralizing HR data and make informed decisions with our augmented Dynamics 365 HR solution.

Microsoft Single Sign-On

Simplify user access and enhance security by enabling seamless logins to all Microsoft and FourVision applications.



Safeguard compliance risks, ensure adherence to labor laws, and efficiently manage sickness- and case management.


Analytics & Reporting

Visualize HR data effortlessly, gain actionable insights, empowering data-driven decision-making for organizational excellence.



Tailor your End-to-End HR solution to your unique needs by integrating with third-party applications and extending functionality.



Empower employees, managers and HR teams with interactive dashboards that provide action-based insights.

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