Release Highlights – Spring 2024

Spring is in the air, and we are bringing more than just warmer weather. We are thrilled to share the details of our latest enhancements and features in the Spring 2024 release for FourVision’s HR suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Let’s dive into what the Spring 2024 product update has in store for you. Watch the video below or read the summarized highlights. For a detailed overview, we invite you to visit the applications’ help center.

Spring 2024 Product Updates


Mass Guide Assignments for Applicants

Simplify your onboarding process with our new feature allowing mass assignments of Boarding guides to applicants. This streamlined approach enables hiring managers to efficiently assign guides using templates and edit invitation emails in a few clicks, ensuring a seamless start for your new hires.

Email Notifications & Task Reminders

We’ve introduced customizable email notification templates for new tasks and due date reminders, improving communication and task management in the onboarding process.

HR Request for hiring

Enhanced Mass Hiring Functionality

Our updated HR Request app now offers a more intuitive experience for managing mass hiring processes. With applicants organized into five straightforward tabs based on their current status, navigating through your applicant pool has never been easier or more efficient.

Document Management

Expiring Document Alerts

Keep your document management in impeccable order with automated email notifications for expiring documents. These personalized reminders ensure that managers and employees are always aware of upcoming expiration dates, maintaining compliance and document integrity.

Performance Management

Benchmark & Role-Based Scoring

Introducing a new dimension to questionnaire analysis, our role-based scoring system allows for a more detailed assessment of performance. This feature, coupled with benchmark averages, provides a richer, comparative insight into the performance across different organizational roles.

Weighted Score Calculation

Reflect the true value of individual goals in performance reviews with the new option for weighted score calculation. This approach allows for a more accurate representation of an employee’s contributions, prioritizing goals according to their significance.

Payroll Interface

Flexible Employee Selection for Payroll Runs

Addressing the complexities of payroll management, our new worker selection filter enables tailored payroll runs. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations managing multiple legal entities or requiring bespoke payroll configurations.

Looking Forward to Summer 2024

Looking at the next update in Summer, we are going to add mass goal assignments for Performance Management, among other things!


Stay tuned for more innovative features designed to enhance your HR operations even further.

For insights into all our apps and how they can benefit your organization, be sure to check out our knowledge center.


Release updates - Spring 2024 - FourVision

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