FourVision introduces the first Microsoft Copilot for Human Resources

May 23, 2024 – The buzz around Microsoft Copilot has been hard to ignore. Yet, discussions on its application in the Human Resources sector have been notably quiet – until now. Today, FourVision is changing the narrative, presenting the first step in moving beyond basic AI-assisted tasks like writing job descriptions.

With over 15 years as a pioneering Microsoft partner, FourVision is uniquely positioned to leverage our in-depth expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resources (HR) to unveil Copilot use cases for Human Resource Management.

A proof of concept: Microsoft Copilot use cases for HR

Human Resources data is delicate, and rightfully so, which explains the cautious pace of Artificial Intelligence advancements in HR. Likewise, it is also challenging to design use cases that provide real business value.

With that in mind, we are proud to introduce our two proofs of concepts that are embedded in real-life workflows. These advancements have the potential to shape how HR tasks are managed and executed, without relying on isolated chatbot interactions.

Let’s start with some familiar examples. First, writing reference letters from Document Management for Dynamics 365. Second, automating the writing of reports in the Professional Development Review (PDR) process in Performance Management for Dynamics 365.

Copilot for letter generation and document management

Our latest innovation, powered by Microsoft Copilot, addresses the mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks in HR. Imagine Copilot taking over the heavy lifting in writing reference letters. You provide the highlights and details, and Copilot crafts a professional, personal, and polished letter, giving HR professionals more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Copilot for Performance Management

Performance reviews are critical yet often burdensome for managers and employees. Copilot revolutionizes this process by handling after-meeting summaries and updating PDR files. Using meeting transcripts, it identifies goals, learnings, and follow-up activities. Need an end-year report? Copilot compiles it easily, incorporating information from all your reviews, thus saving valuable time and effort.

Responsible use of AI in HR

At FourVision, the initial hesitation towards Artificial Intelligence was overcome by recognizing its immense potential benefits. AI, when used responsibly, can significantly enhance HR processes while ensuring data protection of both employees and company-wide privacy standards.

By following Microsoft’s rigorous standards for Copilot and adapting them to address the sensitive nature of HR data, FourVision is committed to the ethical deployment of AI. We prioritize data security and transparency to build and maintain trust with our users. Through robust data protection measures and clear guidelines, we ensure that Microsoft Copilot operates within the highest standards of responsibility.

Routine Updates: AI Functionality and Pain Point Solutions

Our commitment to continuous improvement means regularly updating our AI functionalities to address HR pain points. We actively listen to our users and incorporate feedback to enhance the Copilot experience, ensuring it remains a valuable tool in HR management.

The Future of HR with AI?

With Microsoft Copilot, FourVision is at the forefront of AI-driven HR solutions. This new functionality is set to change the way HR professionals work, enabling them to focus on what truly matters. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and lead in the HR tech industry, providing solutions that are not only efficient but also ethically sound and compliant with data protection regulations.

About FourVision

FourVision is a global provider of innovative HR technology solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem. As a trusted Microsoft partner, we remain dedicated to delivering HR solutions that empower the people that drive your business.

For more information about FourVision’s HR solutions, visit or contact our media relations team.

Jason Fellows
Head of Marketing, Sales, and Partner Management


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