Release highlights – Winter 2023-2024

We are pleased to present the highlights of the first release update of 2024. This update brings a host of improvements and new features aimed at streamlining our HR solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Let us delve into the highlights of the FourVision winter release of this 2023-2024. Watch the video or read the summarized highlights below. For the full list of release notes, please consult your applications’ help center.

Highlights of this product update

Cross-App changes

The following update is applicable to all FourVision apps:

9 new default languages

For the Winter 2023/2024 release we have added a variety of new default languages: Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Czech, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.


Flexible tabs while creating Boarding guides

When editing your Boarding Guide tabs, you can now quickly rearrange tabs in whatever order you like. Smoothing over the editing process to save your time for other activities.

HR Request

New filter options for Tasks

We have introduced new filter options for tasks in HR Request. Now, you can quickly filter between request numbers, request types, and the workers related to each request – making it easier to find the employee and hiring requests you are looking for.

Increased clarity for Request attachments

Request forms and applicant details will now show the attachments that were uploaded and transferred to Document Management, making it easier to check documents attached to individual applicants or requests.

More record options for forms

Your field options in HR Request forms have increased. We now support multiple contact persons; in addition to bank details fields; and multiple address records.

Performance Management

E-mail notifications for feedback

In Performance Management, we have added a new e-mail template tool to notify colleagues when they receive feedback. Use these personalized e-mail notifications for quicker responses and increased engagement during your feedback cycles.

Merit Increase

Import/export functionality for reward cycles

In addition to the native salary increase calculation feature, you can now import your calculations for bonuses and rewards in to your Reward Cycles using our new export/import functionality. This enables you to run your calculations in whatever tool best fits your process, like Microsoft Excel.

Payroll Interface

More flexible data conversions for payroll integrations

You can now choose to add multiple value conversions to export fields. This gives you the option to change specific values to a new value, such as changing specific abbreviations from 3 characters to 2. This increased flexibility will make it easier to interface between HR and Payroll systems.

Timesheets & Expenses

Resource planning UI improvements

The resource planning module of time- and expenses management has received user experience improvements.

We have made a series of improvements to the user experience of Resource Planning. First- a new search option in project tasks; second- a checkbox on your Planning screen to include workers that recently left your organization; and third improved responsiveness for the weeks displayed on the Planning screen.

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