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Structure. Relieve. Streamline. FourVision improves the lives of your workforce as the implementation partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. We support your HR processes; recruitment, hiring, employee management and employee development, with smart tools and standardized processes. Freeing up time for you to focus on what really matters; building a better future for your company.

Attention to Dynamics 365 Human Resources customers

Attention to Dynamics 365 Human Resources customers

Microsoft has announced that all D365 HR customers need to migrate their standalone HR application to the Finance & Operations infrastructure before the end of 2023.

Learn more about the merge on our info page and contact us to get started.

FourVision Organize your HR department hires

Get in touch Shift from Administration to Strategy with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Organize your HR department with Dynamics 365 Human Resources as the end-to-end solution to minimize administrative tasks, give valuable insights and reports. FourVision listens to, and learns from, your situation and helps you determine what you need. Our knowledge and passion will centralize your HR workflow.

Create your end-to-end solution with Dynamics 365 HR and our Web Apps

HR Request

Any initiated request is routed via automated workflows to get to the appropriate and necessary people for review and further action. The Web App links employee and organizational data through the secure Dynamics 365 platform.

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Our Boarding Web App allows you to create templates that outline tasks for any employee, specified to their position within your organization. This part of the Boarding Web App helps your employees complete tasks necessary to for each of the three Boarding processes.

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Document Management

During the Employee Management lifecycle, it is important to keep all documents on a regular basis (e.g. passport renewals, etc.). This can be tricky to keep track of, so we have added the option to add reminders to notify you whenever a document is about to expire.

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The Expenses Web App allows for easy registration of any expenses your employees make, whether that is the commute to and form work, business trips they take, or footing a bill for your organization.

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Health & Safety

Whenever a new incident is registered, it will be sent to the right person within your organization through configurable automated workflows. The receiver gets an overview of the submission and whether or not anything is still missing before the registration can be processed properly.

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Succession Planning

Organization charts allow you to oversee the organization’s hierarchy at a glance presenting an overview of important succession information, i.e. tenure risk, succession gaps, etc. Giving managing teams accurate information based on employee statistics facilitating informed decision-making.

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Performance Management

Configure workflow requirements tailored to specific positions within the organization, linked to objectives for individual employees. Base templates on internal performance and review policies and couple it to succession overviews.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Anticipate tomorrow’s recruitment demands based on future growth forecasts. Plan Organizational needs perfectly by planning resources for current and predicted job positions. Be prepared for the future without any surprises.

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Payroll Interface

All personnel data stored in the HR system can be accessed through the secure cloud-based data streaming. The interface makes the translation between the required employee details and expedites it to Payroll translated to the correct format.

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The Expenses Web App allows for easy registration of any expenses your employees make, whether that is the commute to and form work, business trips they take, or footing a bill for your organization.Read more

Full Integration with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

Imagine one cloud environment that securely stores all of your employees’ data. Now consider what that would mean for your company. Any request can be submitted to, and received by, the right department and be processed in an instant. Your HRM team’s time is freed up thanks to full integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dataverse. We can implement your new solution seamlessly without interrupting your daily business process.


Latest on the upcoming Dynamics 365 HR-F&O migration

Microsoft’s migration of the standalone version of Dynamics 365 Human Resources (HR) into the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O) has been completed. This means that Dynamics 365 HR users have until the end of 2023 to complete their own migrations and move from HR to F&O.

What is the migration?

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