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33 Reasons to start using the HRM module of Dynamics 365 for Operations

Dynamics 365 for Operations is part of the ERP solution Dynamics 365. The coherence between the different modules is high. The advantages for one integrated solutions are evident. However there are still a large number organisation using a ‘single’ HR system. That is the reason why we give you an overview of the advantages having one integrated solution, including the use of the HRM module of Dynamics AX. These advantages results always in: more functionality, saving time, less effort for your own (user)organisation, less application and network effort, less customisation, but above all cost savings!
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Sure we have Talent Management and Appraisals

You have direct insight into the structure of your organisation. Where is your talent, who is the stagnating performer, who are your high potentials.

With one push of a button you have an overview into the quality of your organisation.

And do you know where your risk is? Using Succession planning see who can replace who, or who the succesor should be. There are standard relationships between budgets, forecasts and positions. You will have direct insights into the benefits and consequences of your manpower planning. You can do appraisals in Enterprise Portal.

The whole process is supported by workflows.

Of course Talent management is part of this process as well. You can flexibly set up the appraisal form as you like.

It is a tool for HR staff, managers and employees. You will not need any paperwork or Word templates any longer.

What happens with my current payroll vendor?

Absolutely nothing will change. Only the delivery of the payroll changes takes place via Dynamics 365 for Operations HRM. So all changes will be send to your current payroll system.


What is currently brewing in our lab

There is continuous development in the HCM area and this will find his way into the software.

At this moment we invest a lot of our time in new products or extending current functionality like:
- eRecruitment
- HR requests
- Timesheet Plus
- Wizards for reviews

On our LinkedIn page we will tell you more about the new functionality of HR Plus. Do you want to know more about this, please sign up on our linkedIn page linkedIn or contact us via this website.

FourVision News

New direction Microsoft Dynamics 365 is heading

May 2017

On the 3rd of May Microsoft enlighted us about the new way they are heading with Microsoft Dynamics 365 at their Live-presentation, see below. From the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Satya Nadell we learned that they have created more modularity between modules by their Common Data Model. One customized database that enables to link...

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Live presentation: next way of working Dynamics 365

May 2017

Interested in hearing the next way of working within Dynamics 365? On Wednesday 6th of May 2017 at 10 AM Eastern Time you can experience it live from Satya Nadell (Microsoft Chief Executive Officer) himself. Also James Philips (Business Application EVP) and Judson Althoff (Worlwide Commercial EVP) will be keynote speakers during this live presentation....

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Words of the CEO of Microsoft

Apr 2017

During the AXUG EMEA Summit in Amsterdam this April an interesting quote of the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, was given. “Every company is a software company. You have to start thinking and operating like a digital company. It’s no longer just about procuring one solution and deploying one. It is not about one simple...

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Free seminar: “Power your Microsoft Dynamics 365”

Apr 2017

At Tuesday 23 of May we are hosting a free seminar: Power your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. It will be held at the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht in the Netherlands together with our partners: SaasPlaza and Formpipe. You will be enlightened about the future of the new generation AX – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations....

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Invitation: Power your Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Jan 2017

On the 14th of February FourVision, SaasPlaza & Formpipe are hosting the free seminar “Power your Microsoft Dynamics 365” at the “Spoorwegmuseum” in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Discover what the next generation of AX, Microsoft Dynamics, means for your business, and for your clients. The amount of tickets is limited, so register today! Visit here for...

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What others say about Dynamics AX HRM?

KPMG has published the survey ”Insight into HRM-systems 2012”. In this survey KPMG shares her insights into the current state of the HRM market and highlight major emerging trends. KPMG survey puts Dynamics AX HRM on stage 2 of the 17 investigated HRM systems. Totally 17 local and global vendors participated in this review for HR as Payroll solutions. Microsoft Dynamics AX HRM, extended with the add on HR Plus of FourVision HR Plus, was one of the participants of this survey.
Dynamics AX HRM was the second best HR solution before acknowledged vendors like Oracle, ADP, RAET, AFAS, Centric and Unit4.
For Payroll Dynamics AX HRM has a standard interface with the largest and best vendors in this area: RAET, ADP, UNIT4 and Infor. The best of both worlds is combined.
Again a confirmation that Dynamics AX HRM is sustaining her leading position in the area of HRM. For the nearest future there is an on-going investment in functionality as well in technology like Cloud and apps for the Smartphone.

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FourVision Blog

Is Leave Management a Core HR Process

The answer is simple. Of course it is. FourVision’s long tenure in HR practice, over 10 years’ dedication to end users of the HR module of Dynamics AX, has soundly established this. However, Leave Management is not available in the standard and core Dynamics AX. This is why FourVision added it to the HR Plus [Read more]