Klimaoprema chooses FourVision to streamline HR operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

Klimaoprema is a leading Croatian manufacturer of cleanroom systems and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Founded in 1975, the company has since grown from a small manufacturing facility with 12 employees to an industry leader which today employs a workforce of 700 and operates from 43,000 m2 of manufacturing, warehousing, and office facilities in Samobor, Nova Gradiška, Sveta Nedelja, Zagreb and Split.

The company has big plans for its future and in the coming years, the goal is to grow the workforce to more than 1,000 people. Klimaoprema’s leadership knows that in order to achieve this goal, the company will need a human resources (HR) system that will be able to cope with the challenges posed by a rapidly growing workforce, and the company has recently turned to Dynamics 365 HR having been unimpressed by a previous vendor’s solution.

Choosing Dynamics 365 HR with FourVision

Klimaoprema wanted a human resources platform that supports various HR processes, performance and learning management, and employee experience tools such as an intranet. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform provides all of this and more and also has the added benefit of being able to support third-party applications such as FourVision’s range of Web Apps—a range of easy-to-use, Azure-based add-ons that add functionality and expand the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR solution.

The global HVAC and Cleanroom solutions leader chose to partner with FourVision for its upcoming implementation of Dynamics 365 HR because of our renowned expertise in delivering robust, future-proof D365 systems.

Implementing a Comprehensive HR Solution

Working closely with the team at Klimaoprema, we are preparing to implement a full-scale HR solution based on Dynamics 365 HR which includes many of our own Web Apps, including:


The FourVision team is excited to be working with Klimaoprema to help the company achieve its growth goals through the deployment of a full-scale HR system that is capable of handling the many challenges that will be thrown at it in the years to come.

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