GDPR and Employee Document Management

GDRP in cloud HR document management

GDPR compliance is one of the key focus areas for businesses operating in European Union. Learn why you must safeguard your employee document management and what tools can help you with that.

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The necessity of cloud-based employee document management

With the modern advancement of HR data and tools to manage it, it feel like organizations have it all under control. But what happens when it comes to large clusters of less structured employee information, or simply — documents?

Unfortunately, many organizations still don’t have a single secure cloud-based tool to store and share HR documentation. And here’s what happens…Documents get:

– out-of-date and are not reviewed/updated in time

– “lost” (well, no one remembers where they have been stored)

– leaked…

All of this is enough to put unnecessary pressure on your HR and legal departments as you might need to deal with the toughest privacy and security law in the world — GDPR.

GDPR and employee data

In Europe, personal data is protected under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law that has been affective since May, 2018. In case of violation, a company can face a penalty is €20 million or 4% of its global revenue, whichever is higher. For HR departments, employee data compliance means:

  • Using GDPR-compliant technologies (technical safeguards) to collect, store, manage, and share any employee-related information.
  • Appling GDPR-compliant practices (operational safeguards) related to obtaining employee consent, adopting GDPR-promoting culture, hiring Data Protection Officer, and more.

Employee Document Management for Dynamics 365

If your core HRM system is Dynamics 365, then the HR Document Management Web App is a smart choice to collect, store, manage, and share employee documents in your organization in a GDPR-compliant way.

HR Document Management Web App is designed specifically for Dynamics 365. It’s secure and helps you maintain one source of truth in your organization, without duplication employee data. It provides you with:

  • One central location to store all HR-related documentation
  • Categories to distinguish different document types
  • Configurable templates and documents
  • Notifications of document expiration dates
  • Access both on desktop and mobile
  • GDPR compliance!

Request your demo today and ensure secure and reliable employee document management that benefits your employees, HR, and your business.

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