FourVision is happy to welcome both Denait and Marijn as interns. Denait will support our management and Marijn joins the marketing department where he will support our digital communications.


Denait will join us in the role of Management Assistant. She will be responsible for management schedules, facility tasks in the office and more. Denait is 17 years old and lives and studies in Arnhem. She hopes to develop herself in her profession and want to gain more work experience. In her spare time she likes to play with music and spend time with her friends and family. She also likes to watch movies and shows. When asked about working at FourVision, she says she likes to work at an international company with a lot of diversity.


Marijn (21) studies Communications & Multimedia Design in Arnhem. He enjoys playing video games, reading and watching movies/series every now and then. Marijn hopes to learn more about the human resource industry whilst combining this with his personal interests (websites, graphics and online touchpoint management). Marijn will be responsible for creating awesome online design, such as infographics, newsletters and more. The friendly culture and differentiation is his work are two things Marijn likes at FourVision.

Marijn Denait FourVision