FourVision brings DocuSign to the Dynamics 365 Human Resources space

FourVision has launched the world’s first DocuSign integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (F&SCM). This integration empowers HR managers and employees with a seamless experience, facilitating streamlined processes in hiring and HR document management. Notably, e-signature support extends to contracts, salary slips, and all requisite forms associated with hiring, transfers, or terminations.

To initiate document signing workflows, users can effortlessly integrate their existing DocuSign credentials by enabling a feature in the FourVision HR Document Management App, an extension built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Purpose of the DocuSign integration

With the rise of hybrid and remote work over the past few years, HR departments require secure, compliant, online options for collecting signatures from employees and other stakeholders. Paper documents and manual signatures are no longer an efficient solution in today’s digital workplace.

DocuSign is the world’s leading e-signature solution, offering companies a secure, cloud-based option for collecting valid signatures for key documents, such as employment contracts, salary agreements and other HR-related documents.

As a Microsoft global partner for over a decade and a half, FourVision specializes in expanding and enhancing the native functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM (formerly F&O) and Human Resources. Our HR apps for Dynamics 365 add user-friendly features that make the platform even more effective and customizable to any organization’s HR needs.

How it works

The DocuSign integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources works with DocuSign’s API, but we added some enhancements to offer the best possible user experience. To offer Dynamics 365 users a seamless way to integrate DocuSign into their HR, recruitment, hiring and onboarding processes, we added a simple on/off toggle switch to our Document Management app.

Now, DocuSign users can simply enable the feature, enter their DocuSign credentials and incorporate DocuSign e-signatures into their existing document management workflows right away. This also gives the user full control over their DocuSign licensing.

Our DocuSign integration is available now in Document Management for Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and we have already helped with successful roll-outs for a handful of our clients.

How HR benefits from the DocuSign integration

We work closely with our customers like Long View Systems to adapt our solutions to meet their needs. That is why we expanded the DocuSign functionality in our web app to enable companies to send documents and collect signatures from multiple signees instead of just one.

With DocuSign for Dynamics 365, HR teams reduce their workloads while offering employees and recruits a secure, user-friendly experience. It is the latest addition to FourVision’s range of end-to-end HR solutions, empowering HR departments to achieve more and play a more strategic role in their business’s success.



DocuSign in Human Resources for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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