FourVision celebrates 15 years of HR tech innovation and partnership with Microsoft

This October, FourVision is looking back on 15 years of working and growing alongside our partner Microsoft to offer the world’s most comprehensive HR tech solutions. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our employees, clients and partners who have meant so much to us over the years, and to reflect on how far we have come – and what is still in store for us.

Evolution and partnership with Microsoft

FourVision’s story began in 2008 when Bert Stegeman and Peter Wolbeek brought their vision of HR technology to life: they launched our first generation of HR tech solutions to empower workforces across various industries.

Over the years, FourVision has grown from a tech startup into a global Microsoft partner, specializing in the HR module of Microsoft Dynamics (now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365). Our goal has always been to provide user-focused solutions that make everyone’s work life easier, from HR teams, to managers to employees.

In 2019, we reached another milestone in our company history when Microsoft named us its Talent Partner of the Year for HR. This recognition is a testament to our company’s mission of combining innovative technologies with a personalized user experience that connects HR to every area of our clients’ business.

We continue to grow and reach new heights. Our growth is also reflected in our leadership team, which now consists of a three-member board.

Looking back on our journey, Bert Stegeman, CEO of FourVision, says: “Our brand is synonymous around the world with quality and passion. I am so proud of our fantastic staff for making this all possible.”

Peter Wolbeek, Co-Founder and CEO, adds: “Looking back to the moment we hired our first employee to where we stand today – surrounded by a dedicated family of specialists, driven by passion and committed to enhancing our services and products to satisfy our valued customers – our evolution is a testament to the power of teamwork and shared vision.”

Britt de Roode, COO adds: “We are only human, and we can not change the world in one day. We continue to learn, grow and develop. Our highly dedicated team is ready to face any challenge and support our customers.”

What is next for FourVision?

As we celebrate 15 years of excellence, FourVision remains dedicated to our core values of innovation, partnership and a passion for people. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our journey of empowering workforces worldwide. Like all the HR departments we serve every day, we are committed to putting people at the forefront of every organization’s success.

Our company’s mission continues. We are always working on new innovations that we look forward to announcing. Stay tuned!


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