Partner Monday – Week 51

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Welcome to Week 51 of Partner Monday, our weekly series with news about our partners. This weeks Partner Monday is all about the acquisition of Endouble by Phenom.

Phenom acquires Endouble

Endouble is a leading HR service provider located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They established a reputation for leveraging data to optimize career sites and recruitment strategies. Endouble has been doing this for nearly 15 years. This acquisition allows Phenom to better meet the growing demand for Talent Experiences in Europe. Moreover, the acquisition means that Phenom now possesses more expertise and knowledge of the HR technology market in Europe. This helps Phenom to achieve their goal of find a billion people the right job.

Phenom and Endouble logos


FourVision and Phenom

FourVision works together with Phenom to implement the Talent Experience Platform all around the world. Together, we support large enterprises to attract and hire the best possible staff for the future. Click here to learn more about how FourVision and Phenom can enhance your recruitment experience. You can find the full press release by Phenom here.

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