Onboarding Employees Using Microsoft Dynamics 365

The importance of successful employee onboarding cannot be overstated. It plays a pivotal role in swiftly integrating new team members into the organization and ensuring their productivity.

However, within the expansive Microsoft ecosystem, employee onboarding is a multifaceted process that warrants a comprehensive solution.

While Microsoft 365 offers a plethora of functionalities and partner solutions like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, very few offer an integrated, end-to-end approach to HR processes.

For enterprise customers, Microsoft offers the HR module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. Though it caters to onboarding, it tends to focus more on data, often overlooking the crucial human element.

Recognizing the need for a more holistic approach, FourVision has taken the initiative to develop the Boarding App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR and F&O.

This innovative application is purpose-built to assist organizations in welcoming new employees right from day one. It is designed to replace Microsoft’s retired Onboarding app, ensuring a seamless transition into a more comprehensive onboarding solution.

This guideline will walk you through the steps and integrated solutions for your organization to start onboarding employees using Microsoft Dynamics 365.Onboarding process with Dynamics 365 F&O HR

Understanding Onboarding

Once a new employee has been successfully recruited and has signed the employment offer, the hiring manager proceeds to input their information into the HR Information System (HRIS) within Dynamics 365.

This data entry can also occur automatically when utilizing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) such as iCIMS in conjunction with D365.

The next crucial phase involves the functional onboarding of the newly hired employee.

Onboarding is the process of integrating new individuals into an organization, and it begins when someone joins a company.

The process comprises two distinct phases: Preboarding and Onboarding. Preboarding encompasses activities before an employee’s first day, laying the groundwork for a smooth transition once the offer is accepted.

Preboarding steps and integrated solutions

Collect and process documents

The onboarding app allows new employees to upload essential documents required for their roles.

These documents, including IDs, bank details, and more, can be attached to employee profiles in Dynamics 365 HR or managed through an integrated HR Document Management System.

It’s crucial to maintain these documents’ accessibility and ensure they stay up-to-date throughout the employee’s lifecycle.

Preboarding activities

Preboarding offers a valuable opportunity to introduce new employees to the organization using preboarding guides. These guides can be created within the Onboarding app.

Sending a preboarding guide that familiarizes new employees with the organization’s culture, vision, and office facilities, making them more engaged even before they start.

These guides can also help you take care of functional elements, such as ensuring insurance is in place to cover employees from day one and handling financial aspects, such as setting up payroll and tax forms.

Upon completing the Preboarding phase, it is time to transition to the Onboarding stage.

Onboarding steps and integrated solutions

Create onboarding checklists

The Boarding App allows the creation of templates outlining tasks specific to each employee’s role within the organization.

These templates, known as Guides, ensure that employees complete necessary tasks during each of the three onboarding phases. Action-based checklists cater to new employees, line managers, the HR department, and other key stakeholders, such as the IT department.

The checklists guide the setting up various systems and the office environment even before the first workday.

This includes:

  • Environment setups, such as email addresses and access to cloud resources.
  • Providing necessary hardware, like laptops and cell phones.

We provide a useful onboarding checklist with a free download so you can get started right away.

Create onboarding guides within Dynamics 365

HR can create various guides within the Boarding app, including first-day guides, general company guides, and job-specific guides.

These guides help managers ensure new employees face no work-related issues and become self-sufficient within a few weeks.

By combining Microsoft Dynamics 365 (HR and F&O) with the Boarding App, you can meet your onboarding needs seamlessly and support the employee experience journey.

Your employee will enjoy an easy document submission process, access valuable preboarding guidelines, and step into a fully prepared environment thanks to the onboarding checklists designed for all relevant areas. Armed with an onboarding guideline, the manager can welcome the employees and provide them an enjoyable onboarding experience.

The Boarding app enables organizations to incorporate the four Cs of employee onboarding in their onboarding process and across the employee experience journey.

Once employees are fully onboarded, it is time to start their Performance Management process.

Performance management process

Our Performance Management App simplifies the tracking of employee development.

It allows you to monitor your teams’ progress, enables employees to set up personal performance actions, and facilitates managers handling succession planning, merit increases, and feedback questionnaires.


Transfers and offboarding for Dynamics 365

In some cases, employees may change positions or departments within your organization, such as promotions or transfers.

The Boarding app supports these Cross Boarding scenarios, ensuring a smooth transition to a new location or position without stress.

When it’s time for an employee to leave the organization, it’s essential to provide a positive Offboarding experience.

This not only maintains a positive image of your company but also encourages former employees to recommend your organization to others and even consider returning after gaining more skills and experience elsewhere.


FourVision HR suite for Dynamics 365

The Boarding App for Dynamics 365 HR simplifies onboarding, cross boarding, and offboarding processes, creating a seamless experience for employees and the organization. This comprehensive approach enhances the overall employee experience, simplifies HR processes, and sets up employees for long-term success.

FourVision & Microsoft End-to-End-HR Ecosystem

It offers comprehensive support for various stages of the employee lifecycle:

  • Hiring: Streamline the hiring process with seamless onboarding solutions that make your new hires feel welcome and ready to contribute.
  • Employee Management: Keep employees engaged and productive with tools and apps that support their development, performance, and career progression.
  • Retiring: Ensure a smooth transition for employees leaving your organization, creating a positive offboarding experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Employee onboarding using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our Boarding App offers a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly solution to ensure new employees quickly become integrated, productive, and engaged in their new roles.

Combining technology and a people-focused approach is essential for success in today’s competitive job market.

Take a look at our Boarding App for Dynamics 365 HR. You can easily create your own Onboarding, Cross Boarding, and Off Boarding guide.


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