Onboarding: From Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a more complete solution

How can you organize onboarding in your organization? Oftentimes, onboarding includes multiple stakeholders from different locations and business divisions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our complimentary Boarding Web App equips you with the tools to streamline onboarding and make it stress-free.

Microsoft Onboarding functionality

Checklist is the key onboarding functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It allows HR to organize and track all processes that are crucial for the successful onboarding of new hires.
You can select one or more checklists to use in your onboarding process. These checklists are customizable and contain task lists that need to be completed either before or after your employee’s start date.
When a checklist is selected, specific tasks will get assigned to involved employees.  Due dates are set and calculated for each task.

FourVision’s extended functionality

A digital onboarding checklist might be sufficient for your organization. However, to automate routine HR tasks and streamline your onboarding process further, FourVision offers its Boarding Web App that can be natively integrated into Dynamics 365.

FourVision Boarding Web App

FourVision’s Boarding Web App expands Microsoft Dynamics 365 (HR and F&O) original functionality, adding other useful functions for onboarding new employees.
The solution supports HR professionals and new hires on the entire onboarding journey: from signing the contract to the first working day and beyond. All integrated with the Human Resources module of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Key functionalities:

Welcome guides

Our Boarding Web App allows you to create templates that outline tasks for any employee connected to their position within your organization. You can configure various templates, known as Guides. These guides equip your employees with action points for a successful onboarding.
You can also send documents to your new employee before their start date: a company presentation or onboarding videos.

Information requests

Before an employee’s start date, you can use forms in the Boarding Portal to request additional information such as bank details, personal documents etc.


Additionally, you can create a checklist of activities for your new hire to complete in all of the stages of their boarding process.
It is possible to assign current employees to this checklist if they should complete tasks to help their new colleague with the transition process. Think about IT creating accounts, Marketing handing out company clothes, or HR registering changes.

Streamline your onboarding with the Boarding Web App:

  • Design templates that outline specific tasks
  • Build personalized Onboarding, Crossboarding, or Offboarding Guides
  • Create and assign activities for all stakeholders relevant to the process
  • Monitor completed tasks
  • Give candidates access to the onboarding portal
  • Share and upload of important documentation
  • Get full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources or Finance and Operations

FourVision supports seamless employee experience across your entire organization. Together we select and implement HRM software that is tailored to your company’s needs. Learn more about our end-to-end solutions and request your demo today!

Onboarding solution for Dynamics 365 HR and F&O

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