Partner Monday – Week 2

Welcome to Partner Monday, a weekly series by FourVision where we inform you about the latest updates within our Partner Community. This week is all about our partner Dynamic Communities and its reorganization.

About Dynamics Communities

Dynamic Communities is an independent organization that aims to connect users, partners and platforms across the Dynamics 365 community. They do so by organizing events, both on location and online. These events are located all around the world. Dynamic Communities is committed to creating opportunities to develop and engage all community members involved. You can often find the FourVision team at these events.


Because of COVID-19, physical events all around the world were cancelled. This had a huge impact on Dynamic Communities, as were unable to continue with their business model. Dynamics Communities had to part ways with a talented event team due to the situation.

Dynamics Communities decided to adapt and to focus more on online content. With the Decision Acceleration Community, Dynamics Communities now has an community with more than 500 videos captured from the virtual event last October. This enables a user to choose between products, content themes, vertical markets and user groups to get a personalized digital content feed. The Decision Acceleration Community will feature 60% of its content open to anyone on the internet. 30% will be exclusive to Community User Group members. The remaining 10% of content will be available as pay-per-view.

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