Partner Monday – Week 48

Welcome to Partner Monday for week 48 of 2020. This week, we take time to cover Phenom’s upcoming event.


IAMHR is Phenom’s upcoming event that will take place between 8 and 10 December. In this free 3-day virtual event, you will learn how to conquer unpredicted HR challenges that will come on your path. Learn how you can reach new levels of efficiency with your team from Phenoms’ and other industry experts.

What topics will be covered?

During the event, you will learn about numerous topics within the world of Human Resources. Examples of topics that will be discussed, include:

  • The future of the workplace
  • Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

How can I attend?

You can attend the event by clicking here. Obviously, attending the event is free. If you can’t make it to all of the sessions you would like to see, you can watch back the 55+ hours of content after the event! Even if you are not planning on tuning in live, registering allows you to see the content you like afterwards!


Any questions or want more information? Let's talk!