Partner Monday – Week 46

This months enhancements to Dynamics 365 Human Resources

This weeks Partner Monday puts a light on the new enhancements from Microsoft to Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Enhancements to organization and personnel management announced in September this year will be available this month.

What is new?

In case you missed Release Wave 2 last September, Microsoft has announced numerous updates to its ERP solutions called Dynamics. This months update adds the following to Dynamics 365 Human Resources:

  • HR professionals and managers now have a clearer and intuitive view of submitting workflow requests.
  • With this clear view, HR professionals and managers can now take on action a workflow reviewer.
  • HR professionals and managers now have access to a unified list for all the action items assigned to an employee. This includes workflow reviews or tasks they need to complete.

Where can I find these new features?

HR professionals and managers within Dynamics 365 Human Resources can click on an employee and hit the arrow down next to the blue ‘Approve’ button.

You can also find new features on the home screen of Dynamics 365 Human Resources. See the ‘Work items assigned to me’ tab on the right of the screen:

Microsoft FourVision release wave D365 HR

More information

You can find more information about the 2020 Release Wave 2 plan by clicking here.

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