Monthly Partner Highlights – February

Welcome to our new series called Monthly Partner Highlights. In this monthly series, we take you through the developments within our Partner Network. With Monthly Partner Highlights, we are replacing our weekly Partner Monday update. This monthly series allows us to include more stories at once, aiming to bring you more value each time we go through these.

This month, we take a look at our partners Microsoft and Phenom.


Microsoft has two Release Waves every year. In these waves, Microsoft introduces new products and updates to their current products. The Dynamics 365 HR Release Wave 1 for 2021 brings a lot of new features to the product. We took a look at some major updates.

Enhancement to Employee Benefits functionality

This new feature allows for a consolidated overview of an employees’ benefits within the total employee contributions. This update has been requested by the Dynamics 365 community.

Enhancement to Leave & Absence

The new update to the Leave & Absence functionality focuses on delivering more options to a dedicated Leave & Absence manager, which now will be able to manage employee leave requests, approvals  or support the business with related data.

You can find the official release notes here.


Last December, Phenom acquired Endouble, a leading HR service provider in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With the acquisition of Endouble, Phenom strengthens its position in the European market, adding more knowledge and expertise to the HR technology field. This will help them achieve their mission to find a billion people the right job. You can find more information about the acquisition here.

In addition to this, FourVision will be hosting a webinar together with Phenom about the Candidate Experience Recruitment Process. In this webinar, HR experts from both FourVision and Phenom will speak on the topic. You will learn more on how you can improve your hiring process by using smart solutions. Stay tuned for more information and the sign up link!


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