Employee burnout: how to prevent it

The research by Gallup shows that about 23% of people experience burnout on a regular basis, while 44% of people experience burnout sometimes. Statistically speaking, ¼ of your workforce is currently burned out… shocking! What are the largest employee burnout factors according to Gallup and how to mitigate them with the right tools?

Key burnout factors

Even one of these factors in isolation can cause burnout, but with two or more combined, burnout is almost guaranteed. Detecting risk factors will help you prevent burnout in your employees and help recover your currently struggling colleagues.

  1. Unfair treatment at work; from bias, favoritism and mistreatment by a coworker to unfair compensation or corporate policies, breaks employee trust.
  2. Unmanageable workload reduces employee confidence and can lead to chronic stress.
  3. Lack of role clarity causes employees guess about managerial expectations and perform tasks without clear purpose.
  4. Lack of communication and managerial support makes employees feel disconnected and left out.
  5. Unreasonable time pressure can create a snowball effect with deadlines being missed and new tasks pilling up over time.


How to detect burnout factors

Burnout is preventable. By managing all five risk factors, you can create an environment that fosters productive work rather than stress and burnout.

  1. Nurture a culture that prioritizes fair treatment and wellbeing. Create feedback processes to detect violations on all levels.
  2. Monitor employee workload. Hire new employees to manage your growing workload or reduce tasks to accommodate your team size.
  3. Set clear team and individual goals with SMART
  4. Hire and develop people-oriented managers: willing to support employees, coach them, and have their back when things go wrong.
  5. Set realistic timelines. Involve your team when defining deadlines and deliverables.


Digital tools for preventing burnout

Building a workplace that benefits your employees and prevents burnout is a long-term goal. With the right digital HR tools, you can streamline processes that will help you achieve it faster. Here’re some of FourVision tools that will accelerate your burnout-free culture:

  • Performance Management Web App allows employee and manager set clear goals together and track progress over time.
  • Timesheets Web App allows managers to identify work overload and make decisions to distribute/reduce it.
  • Boarding Web App allows to create smooth and stress-free onboarding/offboarding/cross-boarding journeys with clear task lists and assigned stakeholders.
  • HR request Web App allows employees to submit their requests (such as leave, etc.) online and get a prompt reply from their HR/manager.
  • Health & Safety Web App allows to register and track incidents (injuries or other dangerous work situations).

About FourVision

FourVision develops and implements solutions for the entire employee journey. We implement Dynamics 365 Human Resources (currently part of Dynamics 365 F&O) and take care of integrations with third-party solutions. We also extend Microsoft’s functionality with our Web Apps, native to Dynamics 365. In addition, we implement our partner solutions for recruitment, L&D and payroll. Schedule a demo to learn more!

How to prevent employee burnouts

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