Boost your recruitment after summer

It all slows down in summer. People go on vacation. Less jobs posted, less candidates actively applying. However, just in a couple of weeks the quiet time will be over. So why not prepare for it and get ahead of your competition? Here’s how you can get ready to accelerate your recruitment after summer.

1.   Audit employer branding

Look at your recruitment touchpoints: your career website, your job descriptions, your LinkedIn page, your candidate presentation, you name it! Check all content thoroughly.

  • Does it reflect your current EVP?
  • Does it appeal to your target candidates? (check out our article about employee personas)
  • Is it up-to-date?
  • Does it contain CTA for your candidates?

2.   Brainstorm recruitment event ideas

After the summer break (not to mention months of remote working), people crave more face-to-face interactions. That’s why recruitment events is a good idea to facilitate your hiring in September. Start with small events to test it and involve your current employees in advertising it online and through the WOM. Here’s a short checklist to help you get started:

  • Have a clear event theme (such as a hackathon)
  • Advertise weeks in advance
  • Have a simple sign-up form
  • Engage current employees in hosting your event (but take good care of organizational aspects)
  • Make it fun, informative and friendly
  • Follow-up with a message/newsletter to reengage with potential hires.

3.   Start accelerating early

A usual recruitment cycle now takes about a month (add an employee notice period to it, and it’s 2 months). Well, let your candidates some food for thought already in mid-August. Then by September, when everyone is back home, you’d at least have a concrete pull of candidates for every key job you need to fill. Make sure your job is shared:

  • By your current employees (encourage them both in your internal newsletters and on social media). Your employees are your best advocates!
  • In specialized groups/forums. Advertise like a sniper: looking for a Python developer – post your job in the “Python developers” community.
  • On various job boards (Indeed, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.). A no-brainer, but it helps increase your exposure!

FourVision recruitment solutions

FourVision offers a wide range of recruitment solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with your core HR system. We implement platforms and tools from the leaders in recruitment software. So that you can attract and retain talent for your business!

  • Phenom TXM helps you elevate your employer brand with AI-powered career sites. Convey your value to prospective candidates, streamline application process, and facilitate hiring with talent analytics and engagement campaigns.
  • iCIMS provides you with a recruitment suit for the entire application journey: from ATS to offer management. Engage with your candidates every step of the way through videos, marketing campaigns, chatbots and more.
  • Dynamics ATS offers an ATS designed specifically for the HR module of Dynamics 365. Stress-free solution that is natively integrated into the Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 & Azure.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a digital onboarding list. This functionality can be extended with FourVision’s Boarding App.
  • Boarding Web App compliments Microsoft’s functionality with onboarding guides, task templates, task completion monitoring, upload/share of relevant documentation, etc.
  • LMS365 supports onboarding training with its platform built into Dynamics 365 and Teams.

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Boost recruitment after summer - Hiring strategy

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