From Europe to New Zealand: A better Boarding solution

FourVision partnered up and delivered our Boarding WebApp solution to a New Zealand-based government Health and Safety agency*. The solution is now live for the HR professionals to test, and the feedback has been great.

Here’s the story.


The client is going through a big digital transformation. They are building a good data foundation and centralizing all information, making use of solutions that could seamlessly integrate with each other. That choice fell on Microsoft systems.

To help them implement these solutions, they chose a local partner*.

Based in New Zealand, this partner is one of the leading technology transformation services company in the region, with a strong Microsoft partnership.

FourVision’s role

Looking through the list of requirements the client presented, there was an understanding that the Boarding components of Dynamics 365 Human Resources (D365HR) were simply not enough in this case.

As a result, in search for a more complete solution, the local partner asked Microsoft for help. Based on the requirements and the easy integration of FourVision’s Boarding WebApp with D365HR, Microsoft referred us.

We were brought in to help adding more functionality to the Boarding process and the first demo was very well received. The client’s requirements were met and we started working together.

Working together

From the start, the working relationship between the 3 parties was very collaborative. Despite the fact that FourVision’s project manager assigned to this project was based in the UK, there was flexibility from all sides to find time to meet.

In addition, the fact that our functional consultant was based in Australia increased the responsiveness and accessibility in any unexpected situation.

Regarding the implementation and delivery, everything went very smoothly. Going through User Accepting Testing (UAT), the client requested some more functionalities that we were able to implement successfully. For example, we pre-configured onboarding templates, set up email notifications to new hires, and added a list view of the onboarding guides that, not only allows to see those guides, but it tracks and shows the progress on individual tasks and activities.

Challenges along the way

Challenges are part of any implementation. In this case, mostly in the beginning.

The initial ask for our collaboration was to include, not only the Boarding WebApp, but also Health & Safety. However, that was not possible.

When we were setting up all the requirements and going through the usual fit gap analysis, it became evident that the client was looking for a far more complex Health & Safety solution. There were some developments to be made but that was going to take time and resources. So we moved forward with the Boarding WebApp only.

Besides, we started working together right when the Pandemic broke out in Europe. Adjustments were tough to make and we were all trying to figure things out. That extended the discussions and the overall time of this implementation.

Nevertheless, it worked out in the end and everyone’s happy.


As our support to this project continues, all parties were very happy with the implementation.

“Starting from a very successful demo, the delivery went very smoothly. The workshops’ setup and delivery was really good and very structured. Always high responsiveness from FourVision, and having someone available in Australia was definitely a plus. We’re happy and the client is happy!”, said the partner’s Project Manager.

“It was a good collaboration. A lot of interest and flexibility was shown by all parties involved, leading to a very successful implementation.”, said Imran Ibrahim, Project Manager at FourVision.

“From configuration to UAT, the client was really happy with how everything went. They were over the moon with all the developments we added and how fast we did them.”, said Jennifer Lepper, Lead Implementation Consultant at FourVision.


From Europe to New-Zealand to the World. The journey to improve the lives of recruiters, HR & IT professionals starts with us.


*Being an ongoing project between partner and client, we were not allowed to disclose their names. We will update this story accordingly if that changes.

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