Automating HR for Long View Systems

Long View Systems provides IT services and solutions to companies in North America. The organization employs 1,000 people across all of its locations and generates $166.85 million in sales. It is awarded Platinum Member of Canada Best Managed Companies and Glassdoor Best Places to Work 2022. FourVision was tasked with automating HR for Long View Systems.

Harmonizing fragmented processes

In 2019, Long View Systems decided to fully automate their HR processes. As a Microsoft partner, choosing Dynamics 365 as a core system was a logical choice. To cover payroll needs, Long View opted for Ceridian – a payroll tool that can be natively plugged into Dynamics 365.

The integration between Dynamics HR, Dynamics F&O, and Ceridian posed challenges that required expert support in several areas: 1) to translate technical requirements into non-development language, 2) to set up and ensure all three systems talk to each other, and 3) to meet HRM needs that are not currently covered by Dynamics 365. Long View wanted to find one partner who could handle all these tasks.

Partnering with FourVision

In 2020, FourVision stepped in to serve Long View as a consultant, an integrator, and a software provider of customized plugins for Microsoft Dynamics 365. “Long View and FourVison have a good value match: we both want to support businesses through technology. FourVision listens to our needs, thinks outside the box and provides tailored solutions we need. FourVision has a close relationship with Microsoft and deep knowledge of their solutions, so they can think ahead and make decisions that are beneficial for us long-term”, says Nanette Nerland, Manager, Technology & Insights at Long View Systems.

The project took 3 years, and in January 2022 Dynamics 365 HR and Ceridian went live for Long View employees. Within Dynamics HR the following modules were implemented: Organization Administration, Personnel Management, Benefits Management, Compensation Management, Leave and Absence. FourVision Boarding Web App went live on the 1st week of February. Additional modules will be added in April 2022: Employee self-service, Management self-service, and FourVision Performance Management Web App (“successor planning” feature).


Throughout the project of automating HR for Long View Systems, FourVision executed fine-tuned amendments to meet local and system integration requirements. In particular:

  • Synchronizing data between Ceridian and Dynamics HR
  • Automating leave balance pay for onboarded employees in Canada
  • Adjusting leave plans in the US to manage to an accrual cap
  • Transferring Social Insurance Number (SIN) into Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Transforming a formatted phone number in Dynamics 365 into an unformatted number in Ceridian.

Future plans

“We are happy with the results that FourVision delivered, the flexibility they showed by diving deep into our use cases and guiding us through this integration.”, says Nanette Nerland, Manager, Technology & Insights at Long View Systems. FourVision looks forward to working with Long View in the future by launching the remaining components in spring 2022. With the ongoing updates at Microsoft (Dynamics HR becoming part of Dynamics F&O), FourVision will help ensure that all data/entities migrations are executed in the right order and that all systems continue to work seamlessly.

Long View Systems Case Study FourVision Dynamics 365 HR

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