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Release Updates Friday May 8, 2020.

Today, we will show you the latest functionalities in Performance Management and Power BI integration for HR Request.

Performance Management: Skills Mapping

What is Performance Management?

Tracking your employees’ performance is key to managing a successful workforce. This helps you track your employees’ development and act according to the insights you gain.

What is Skills Mapping?

Skills Mapping supports performance tracking by giving you a visual overview of your employees’ skills. This helps you determine in what areas employees may need training, or a raise.

The functionality in our Web App

Our Performance Management Web App now supports Skills Mapping as part of a complete performance cycle which results in insights into employee development. We have included the employee self-service option for easy, user-friendly updates in the personal dashboard.

Offboarding staff                     Transition or Cross board to new team

Power BI for HR Request

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a great cloud-based tool for reporting and providing analytical insights. By visualizing data, you will receive answers to any of your business questions with AI-technology.

Why HR Request?

HR Request is not just a Web App for for common HR requests from your workforce, it also streamlines and organizes you workflows. Power BI helps you quickly gain insight and overviews on who submitted what request to HR and what actions have to be undertaken in response.

The functionality in our Web App

By using Power BI to report on our HR Request Web App data you will have quick and easy overviews of outstanding requests and their progress. You can also analyse the response time from submission to closing the requests (which determine the service level to your workforce). This helps you organize and speed up your response time and gives insight into your most common requests to streamline your HR department.

Succession upward climb         Transition or Cross board to new team

What is coming?

Backlog Performance Management

  • Adding custom fields
  • Define successors
  • Copy workflows

Backlog HR request

  • Topic field on request
  • Template for requesting positions
  • Pre-fill of forms
  • Address validation
  • Power BI integration
  • Split screens alignment
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