How to Prepare for Changing Positions at your Organization

There are numerous reasons for wanting to change into a different position while remaining at the same organization. You know the culture, the people, and have positive feelings regarding the entire organization in general. So how do you start? Do your skills match the position you would like to transition into? Who do you talk to about it? These are only a few of the questions that undoubtedly arise when looking for a change of position within your organization.

This article will discuss two different types of job transitioning, namely; Cross-boarding and Succession.

What is Cross-boarding?

Cross-boarding or job transitioning occurs when you submit a request to change positions within your organization. The reasons may vary from dissatisfaction with your current position to wanting to grow into a different direction and having seen a job opening that you are interested in. This type of transition is a great way to change your career path without having to adjust to a completely new environment.

The first thing to do is talk to your supervisors to explain your current situation and why you may want to change direction or try for another position. Discuss your career goals regularly to keep your manager in the loop. Regardless of your relationship with your manager, wanting to change into a new position likely required you to change teams as well. The key is to “frame it as a means for you to grow professionally” and ask for their recommendations and support to help you get to the next stage you envision for your career.

Then your networking starts. Get to know people in the other teams and figure out whose team you may want to transition into. Essentially, make yourself visible and stay on top of positions that are opening up or have opened up.

What is Succession?

While Succession also means that you change a position within your organization, this time it is vertically rather than horizontally. In other words, you would rise in the organization’s hierarchy. In this instance, the decision to change jobs has often been presented to you by your superiors. Nonetheless, this brings challenges with it. Ask for a mentor or a (former) colleague who can help you find your place within your new position. You already know the organization’s culture, and likely many people but rising up in the hierarchy means that you cannot be afraid to keep learning. It might help to set clear, obtainable goals for you to get acquainted with your new role. In addition, similar to Cross-boarding. Get to know your team!


So, whether you are Cross-boarding or up for Succession make sure you keep on top of what it is you need and figure out who can help you with it. That will help you get set up for success and take you into the direction you envisaged for your intended career path.

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