How to Transition Employees into a New Position within your Organization

As we discussed in one of our other articles, the reality of the Corona virus is that it can have far-reaching impact on your organization’s workforce and resources. As a result, you may have to let go of employees.

But then, what do you do with the sudden empty position? If you are not looking to hire a new person, then you should consider moving one of your talented employees into the position instead. Likewise, employees themselves may want to change positions within your organization at some point because they feel dissatisfied with their current position or want to grow into a different direction.

Transition or Cross-board

The process of moving a current employee into a new position within your organization is known as transitioning, or Cross-boarding. It is important to ensure a transition goes smoothly for both your organization as well as the employee, because it will improve the professional relationship. To do that, you have to determine what your Cross-boarding process looks like.

First and foremost, communication is key. Make sure that the transitioning employee and the departments involved are aware of the changes and what they can expect afterwards. After all, if you are not looking to re-hire anyone new, one department will have one employee less while the other gains one. It is important to find out what impact that may have on the respective departments.

The employee will benefit from a Cross-boarding process greatly because, while they are already familiar with your organization’s culture, they do not yet know the ins and outs of their new position. In addition, they may not yet know their new team members, especially if they transfer from one department into another.

The Cross-boarding process will require some logistical changes as the employee has to be granted access to different accounts. It is important that your HR department makes the respective changes to the employee record and IT grants the correct access for the employee to thrive in their new position.

Tools to Help

To make sure you do not forget elements when Cross-boarding employees, we have developed our Boarding Web App to support the process.

Since the employee is familiar with your organization but new to the changed job position, they will require an Onboarding process. As aforementioned, the employee is faced with learning everything involved with successfully executing their new position. This includes changes, such as; access in the system, meeting the team, salary, position updates in the HR system, etc.

The Boarding Web App allows for the creation of templates that outline any and all tasks involved in the transitioning of an employee from one position into another within your organization. These templates, called Guides, can be assigned to individual members of the target team, the employee themselves, and the HR administrator responsible for pushing the changes in the system.

The Guides, as the name suggests, leads employees through the system so tasks that are necessary for the transition are executed in order and ensure that nothing is forgotten. This will create a smooth and user-friendly transition for both your organization and your employee.

As is our specialty, the Boarding Web App integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Would you like to learn more about our Boarding Web App? Read all about it here!

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