How to Create a Safe Workplace for your Employees during Corona

Many countries, especially in Europe are reducing the number of restrictions they have in place for COVID-19. For example, in the Netherlands, restaurants and cinemas have reopened for a total of 30 guests at any one time and secondary schools are now also opening up. The 1.5m distance rule remains in place.

Are you considering bringing your employees back into the office? We have some tips and tricks that help you put safety measures in place so that you can bring your people back together, though at a safe distance.

Clean and Disinfect

The most important thing to do before any employee can return is to clean and disinfect your office space. Make sure desks and computers are cleaned before anyone else uses them and ask your employees to wash their hands on a regular basis.

Do you have disinfectant and cleaning wipes at the ready for your employees to use? Place them in every room and hallway so that everyone has access to the cleaning materials when they need to. Logical places are in between work stations, the coffee room, and the facilities.

Do not forget to wipe door handles and buttons on the coffee machine as these are very often overlooked but everyone touches them.

Work in Shifts

How big is your office space? Before you can safely invite your employees back to the office, you will have to figure out how many people can be in one room at any one time while maintaining the distance. Perhaps you can work in shifts so that a number of employees are in the office on the one day, and others come in on other days.

If you have the means, put temporary screens between workstations, make walking routes and hang signs with the number of people allowed per room on them.

Help Employees

Crises of any kind, and now the Corona virus, can make employees feel stressed and anxious. Keeping people well informed on a regular basis is important especially as more regulations are being lifted. Care about your employees and listen to their needs. Some organizations even send out regular surveys to stay on top of any issues that may arise among the workforce.

Tools to Help

Our Health & Safety Web App helps you organize and structure your determined method for making your office a safe place for employees. The App is user-friendly and allows individual employee to quickly report, review and resolve any situations that employees regard as unsafe or consider to be a health risk. Employees can submit and share the information directly with the safety manager. The information can vary from disinfectant spray running low, or a screen missing between desks and any other type of information that they believe should be resolved.

With the Health & Safety Web App, each employee has their own dashboard from which they can submit reports, or even add photographs, of any unsafe situation they find. In addition, employees can also submit an incident on behalf of someone else. Automated checklists will be triggered to start a workflow that assigns a respective course of action to the right people within the organization.

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