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Our Health & Safety Web App is free of charge for all Dynamics 365 Finance, and Supply Chain Management users. This offer stands for a limited time only. Do you want to know more about the App and how it improves your Health & Safety management? Then sign up for our Live Webinar at 4pm CET on 1 July 2020!

The App supports easy and efficient incident and accident management, including for COVID-19 measures.

How does the App improve Business Processes?

The Health & Safety App is designed to help in reporting and tracking injuries, sickness, and dangerous workplace situations. The registration is picked up and sent to the corresponding person within the organization by automated workflows. This ensures that the right person will be able to quickly take action to resolve the issue.

To simplify the action of registering and resolving health and safety registrations, there are three main user roles with their own access permissions based on the authorization setup.

Three User Roles

An employee accesses the general registration part, the manager can view submitted registrations and investigate what is needed to resolve it. Admin users are responsible for the maintenance of the App and updating the menus for registrations so they are always up-to-date.

Business Process Flow

At the start, the H&S admin sets up the connection and decides upon various registration types. The value list and menus will have to be managed throughout as the registration process changes. This helps keep the App user-friendly and efficient.

Once the setup and configuration have been completed, the App is ready to go. An employee starts by logging an incident regarding workplace health and safety. This can be done from they personal dashboard which is also accessible on mobile devices.

The manager investigates and updates the incident and (re)submit it. The H&S coordinators will then be able to quickly follow-up on the registration; working to resolve the issue and closing it.

Our offer

For a limited time only, we are offering our Health & Safety Web App free of charge for any Dynamics 365 Finance, or Supply Chain Management users! The implementation, configuration and licensing costs are completely free for you to use for a period of 9 months! You will receive the complete, seamlessly integrated and  configured Health & Safety Web App to support the workflows that will make your registration of safety issues easier.

*Azure hosting fees excluded, starting from €125 depending on usage.

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