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Protecting the health and safety of the entire workforce is something that can only be achieved by working together. People need to trust that their work environment is safe so that they may return to the office.

But how can you do that?

In an office with one floor and under 100 employees, keeping track of COVID-19 regulations only works if everyone takes responsibility to adhere to the regulations and keeps track of what is necessary to maintain the safety. Especially large organizations with many floors and separate departments spread out over a large building may not be able to track where the Corona-proof measures are running low or are not as strongly enforced.

This can lead to employees feeling unsafe and less willing to come back to the office the next day. It causes stress and anxiety which, in turn, can cause a dip in productivity. This is the opposite of what you want your team to experience.

However, regardless of the size of the company, the right tools make the jobs of staying on top of Corona virus safety measures much easier.

The Right Tool to Help

Luckily we have developed just that: the right tool! Our Health & Safety Web App supports configurable automated workflows that enable individual employees to submit safety issues from their own personal dashboard.

With the COVID-19 regulations slowly reducing in severity, many organization may start searching for a safe way in which to invite employees back to the office. Once you have determined the maximum number of employees that be in the office while keeping at 1.5m distance from one another, you need a tool that helps you plan who will come in on what days and perhaps decide on a schedule. In addition, walkways should be established so narrow hallways do not cause issues, think about investing in disinfectant spray and alcohol wipes and make employees feel safe by giving them agency to easily submit issues or situations that they consider unsafe. These registrations will be sent to the person, or people, responsible for solving the health and safety issues.

The submitted registration including the personal and professional data is picked up by an automated workflow that we will configure with you during the implementation stage of the Web App.

The Health & Safety Web App helps you structure safety procedures and enables quick action once one is submitted all the while ensuring GDPR compliance.

Our offer

For a limited time only, we are offering our Health & Safety Web App free of charge for any Dynamics 365 Finance, or Supply Chain Management users! The implementation, configuration and licensing costs are completely free for you to use for a period of 9 months! You will receive the complete, seamlessly integrated and  configured Health & Safety Web App to support the workflows that will make your registration of safety issues easier.

*Azure hosting fees excluded, starting from €125 depending on usage.

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