How to Process a New Hire within your Organization 

The hard part is over. You managed to find the right candidate for your organization. After an intensive recruitment process, it is time to process your new hire into the organization. And the best thing about this is that you can automate the process without quality loss on your candidate experience! 

When you’re onboarding your new employees, you must make sure that you set up the internal processes too. The new employee only sees the tip of the onboarding iceberg. What do you need to consider when you are processing a new hire into your organization? 

Pre onboarding processes 

These are all the processes that occur prior to the employees’ first day. Think about the IT department setting up an online environment and HR setting up the employee into the HR system. Check out our Onboarding Guide to see what your organization should be doing to guarantee a great onboarding. In this article, we go over every process to show you how you can set them up internally.  

Facilitating the right resources 

With the right resources, a new employee can start off their job smoothly. Enrolling a new employee can quickly become complex when the required tasks are not coordinated with the right systems and peopleIn order to prevent this seemingly unavoidable chaos, you can create a checklist of different processes and resources. 

To get you going, here are a couple of examples of what a checklist may consist of: 

  • Allocation of assets such as a phone, a laptop and a bag to store those in; 
  • Create a user account and appoint the access rights to internal systems and file shares; 
  • Pre-configure the hard- and software the employee needs. For example: A laptop with  the employees’ user account, building access cards, standard software (licenses) or even corporate document templates- and fonts; 
  • Arrange an onboarding buddy an experienced colleague who can help the new hire to navigate through their first weeks. 

Manually performing- and informing everyone involved in these tasks can be a time-consuming process. If your organization is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, the checklist can be automated using a solution such as FourVision’s HR Request Web App. 

HR department checks

To get the processes related to the checklist going, information needs to be provided by the new hireThe input will be used as a trigger for the checklist processes. Examples of these are: documents such as a copy of the new employee’s passport, bank account details, insurance details and contact information can be stored using the Document Management Web App. 

While the required information is being gathered, HR Request centralizes your personnel’s submissions and handles other administrative tasks. These tasks, or rather requests include: 

  • Recruitment administration; 
  • Onboarding new staff; 
  • Common HR transactions; 
  • Assign payroll-related information and track payroll changes; 
  • Relocation services; 
  • Benefits administration. 

The great thing about HR Request, is that it integrates directly with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This allows for a smooth handling in your hiring, which improves the candidate experience and improves the interoperabilitwith Dynamics 365 HR. In addition to this, the new functionality in FourVision’s Boarding Web App allows to take the applicant’s record and hire an applicant directly from the Boarding Web App.

Requests from the employee 

What happens when the new employee requests something HR related? Think about leave, travel expensesa sickness registraton or even a workplace accident? You need to make sure that you have the right HR software in place to support requests like these. A good HR system doesn’t just support HR requests, but also enables an organization to lift their Human Resources on a strategic level! Especially in sectors where good talent is hard to find, you need to be sure that you can stand out and offer your employees the best possible HR experience. 

Last but not least 

After you have set everything into place with the right people and software, it is important to call the new employee right before they start. In this call, you can take away any nerves or questions before they start the next day. Moreover, it gives you a chance to talk about what the employee can expect the next day. This makes the employee feel more engaged which increases the onboarding effectiveness. 

FourVision can help you out 

We hope that this article helps you with processing a new hire into your organization. Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form below if you’re looking for professional HR help.


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