How to enrich your Performance Management with questionnaires

Performance Management is much more than simply monitoring whether an employee reaches their goals. Leading organizations like Deloitte are increasingly leveraging performance management to enhance the employee experience and boost retention. This is a key strategic objective for many HR departments today, as many industries deal with chronic labor shortages.

Are you looking for ways to make your Performance Management more interactive and engaging for employees? Questionnaires are an ideal place to start. And, with the right tools, you can easily integrate questionnaires into your company’s performance management strategy.

Why are questionnaires an ideal Performance Management tool?

According to McKinsey, positive employee experiences are strongly linked with “moments that matter”: these are key points within the employee life-cycle that influence how employees feel about the company they work for. HR is closely linked to all of these moments, from recruitment and onboarding, to performance management, internal promotions and offboarding.

To make these moments as meaningful as possible, it’s important to put the employee at the center of your strategy. By asking employees for their feedback through surveys, you better understand how they perceive themselves and their relationship with the company. Questionnaires help you uncover what employees are really thinking and feeling.

In addition, questionnaires enhance the employee experience by making employees feel heard and valued. By giving people an opportunity to speak their mind, you empower them to take part in their own performance management.

Plus, with the right tools, they are an effective, cost-efficient way to gather important information.

Key benefits of questionnaires at a glance:

  • Reveal important insights into employees’ mindset
  • Make employees feel heard
  • Effective, cost-efficient option for collecting information

Which kinds of questionnaires can you use in Performance Management?

Questionnaires can be created in many different forms. If you want to offer your employees the most valuable Performance Management experience, it helps to collect feedback from many different sources. This enables you to conduct a 360-degree appraisal.

With a 360-degree appraisal, you turn what used to be a one-way, top-down process into something much richer. 360-degree feedback places the employee at the center of a cloud of feedback that is top-down, bottom-up and side-to-side.

360-feedback appraisals for Questionnaires in Performance Management

In the context of 360-degree feedback, it’s common to send questionnaires like these:

  • Employee self-appraisals: Asking employees how they think they’re performing. This helps employees enter the appraisal process with more self-reflection and awareness about strengths, potentials and areas for improvement.
  • Employee satisfaction and feedback surveys: Asking employees for their input on what can be done to improve their working environment, including feedback about their managers, company policies or other work-related topics.
  • Manager appraisals: The manager’s view of how well the employee is performing.
  • Peer appraisals: The employee’s teammates have an opportunity to provide feedback about what it’s like to work with the employee.
  • External feedback: Asking customers or other external parties (like third-party business partners) for their opinion on how the employee is doing.

Peer appraisals and external feedback questionnaires can be conducted anonymously to ensure everyone feels free to give their honest opinion.

Using Questionnaires in the FourVision Performance Management Web App

The FourVision Performance Management Web App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O includes a Questionnaires feature that lets you collect 360-degree feedback. It fully embeds questionnaires into your Performance Management process and gives you a single dashboard for collecting, analyzing and reviewing performance data.

With our Questionnaires tool, your HR team can create standard questionnaire templates that managers can send out to the right recipients whenever a job appraisal is approaching. The manager can monitor the status of the questionnaires all from the Performance Management dashboard. Employees and other participants fill out the questionnaires online via a user-friendly interface.

The responses are automatically analyzed and managers can download reports for full details. If your questionnaire uses a rating system (for example, “Rate on a scale of 1 to 5”) managers can compare responses from an individual questionnaire to the average responses received.

Turning Performance Management into a “moment that matters”

With transparent 360-degree feedback, managers are better prepared to hold meaningful job appraisal meetings with employees. The employees benefit from receiving sincere, actionable input about how they can develop in their role. And because they are closely involved in the process, they are more likely to feel empowered by it, and leverage it as an opportunity for growth.

FourVision Performance Management Questionnaire Form

Enhance your Performance Management with Questionnaires

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