Improve employee experience and conduct Performance Management more efficiently with Questionnaires

In today’s difficult labor market, it’s important for HR teams to do everything they can to create meaningful employee experiences. Performance Management used to be a simple matter of reviewing an employee’s KPIs and issuing them an assessment. Today, it’s a much more complex process, involving 360-degree feedback collected from many different sources: the employee themselves, their peers and managers, as well as from customers or other external stakeholders who work with the employee.

Capturing all that information while also offering a valuable employee experience is a challenge. Using the Questionnaires feature of the FourVision Performance Management Web App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O helps you ensure that the process runs smoothly. In this article, we walk you through the process of collecting 360-degree feedback using Questionnaires.

Starting the 360-degree feedback process

The Questionnaires for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O feature offers templates that help HR create their own custom-built questionnaires. It’s a good idea to collect feedback at least from the employee themselves and their direct-report manager. However, HR may choose to enrich the process by creating questionnaires for other stakeholders, such as the employee’s teammates. The more feedback the better, as this results in a fuller picture of the employee’s performance, and results in a more rewarding job appraisal experience for the employee.

Once HR has created the questionnaires, these are saved in the Performance Management dashboard in Microsoft D365 F&O, where managers can access them and send them to employees to start the 360-degree feedback process.

Sending questionnaires

When a job appraisal is approaching, the manager can click the “Questionnaire” option in their Performance Management dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O. Then, they enter the “Questionnaire sessions” overview, where they can select which employee(s) and/or external parties to send the questionnaire to.

The employee data is collected directly from your company’s core Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O HR system, but the Questionnaires feature also enables you to use alternative hierarchies. This means that either direct-report managers or People Managers can send out the questionnaires to employees they are responsible for appraising.

FourVision Performance Management Questionnaires Grid

When assigning the questionnaire, managers have many options for filtering employees based on department, location, job title and more. They can also select entire groups of employees (for example, all their direct-report employees in a specific country) to send the questionnaire to.

FourVision Performance Management Questionnaires How to Assign Workers

The questionnaire can also be sent to external parties, such as customers. Simply enter the person’s email address to send them the questionnaire.

Before sending out the questionnaire, managers have the option to change the settings for each questionnaire they send out. For example, they can:

  • Set feedback questionnaires to “Anonymous”
  • Allow employees to send the questionnaire to other people within the company
  • Allow employees to send the questionnaire to people outside the company

FourVision Performance Management Anonymous Questionnaires

Completing questionnaires and tracking progress

The questionnaire recipient receives an email containing a link to the online questionnaire. When they click the link, they begin the questionnaire. They can either complete the questionnaire in one session, or pause and return to it later. The recipient can save their changes as a draft, or submit their responses when they are finished. After submitting the questionnaire, the recipient cannot make any further changes.

FourVision Performance Management Questionnaire Form

The manager sending the questionnaire can monitor the status of the questionnaire at all times in the Performance Management dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O. If they click the name of a recipient in the “Questionnaire sessions” overview, they enter the “Questionnaire detail” view, which shows the status of the questionnaire (percentage completed) and the person’s responses to the questions.

FourVision Performance Management Questionnaire insights

Analysis and reporting

The Questionnaires feature also lets you perform a quick analysis by comparing an individual’s responses with the average responses received by others who are taking part in the feedback session. This helps managers spot discrepancies: for example, differences between the way an employee assesses themselves, and the way others assess the employee.

The manager can also download full questionnaire reports. These contain insights that help managers conduct job appraisal meetings more effectively.

FourVision Performance Management Questionnaire Compare answers

Improving the job appraisal experience for everyone

The Questionnaires feature makes preparing for job appraisals easier for employees, managers and everyone else involved. It instantly captures and analyzes feedback, providing managers with an easy-to-read overview.

Unlike the standard questionnaires feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, the FourVision Questionnaires feature is fully integrated into the Performance Management dashboard. This makes it more efficient, transparent and user-friendly. By enriching the appraisal with multi-layered feedback and giving employees an opportunity to provide their own feedback, the Questionnaires feature turns job appraisals into a rewarding experience for everyone.

Improve employee experience and conduct Performance Management with Questionnaires

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