The Importance of Performance Management

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As an organization you want to track you employees’ development as talented employees are keys to your success. Without tracking, how will you know how they are doing? Performance Management helps you track your employees’ performance and tells you whether or not they need extra support, can handle a higher-level training, or deserve a raise. It is important to have a structured Performance Management and tracking process to maintain a high standard for your organization.

The Importance

Research shows that organizations who put their “focus on continuous performance management have better business results.” There is merit to this argument. Organizations who dedicate time regularly to performance reviews and assessment are more likely to see an increase in employee motivation as they are encouraged to think about their goals more frequently. After all, employees’ goals change more than only once per year.

Performance Management provides consistency and brings structure to your HR team. If the process is determined in a clear and concise way, then employees, managers and HR professionals within your organization will be aware of what to do, and when to do it. This way, tracking your employees’ growth, or need for support if performance is lacking, is simplified and identified much faster.

How to track performance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources allows employees to document and track their own performance and review their progress with their managers. A performance journal tracks personal progress by adding personal goals and performance reviews.

However, your organization likely needs a more detailed overview of the development of your entire workforce. The development of your team has immediate impact on your organization’s success. Tracking and updating goals should be second nature. So how do you track that?

One of the ways to stay on top of employee performance is through Skills Mapping.

Our Performance Management Web App adds functionality and structure to the performance management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources and integrates seamlessly. Not only does the Web App support skills mapping, it also has employee dashboards which make updating and goal-setting much easier. In addition, it offers a managerial overview so that team development and performance can be reviewed at the touch of a button. Especially in combination with continuous performance management and easy access, including on mobile devices, the Performance Management Web App will structure, streamline, and organize your process. Together, we can set your organization up for success! Read more about it here!

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