Implementing performance management for Element

Element is one of the largest independent providers of destructive and non-destructive testing services for metals and non-metals. The company employs over 6700 people across 100+ legal entities in 30 different countries. Fourvision enabled Element to introduce its performance management system with Performance Management Web App.

Going for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR

Element runs on Microsoft products — all systems, solutions, architecture. Therefore Dynamics 365 HR was a logical choice for HRM at Element. According to Jagannathan Raghavan, Global HR Digitalization & Operational Excellence Director at Element, it was crucial to keep all data in the core Dynamics 365 HR and avoid creating multiple platforms that don’t talk to each other. That enabled Element’s HR to maintain clean data and have one single source of truth globally.

Partnering with Fourvision

Jagannathan Raghavan explains why Element chose Fourvision: “We felt that Fourvision has a product which can easily talk to D365 as a core system, take the data and deliver what we wanted’’.

Digitalizing performance management

Element planned to launch its performance management tool that uses the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) model. The model works as follows: employees used to evaluate performance, plan promotion and related processes. Fourvision provided Element’s HR team with Performance Management Web App that connects to the core Dynamics 365 HR. The implementation process was completed in a record 40-day period: Performance Management went live globally in January 2021.

Making meaningful decisions with performance management data

Having clean data is important, but making this data meaningful is the next challenge. To do this, Element used Microsoft Power BI — a data visualization tool that provides insights in a one-screen report. Following confidentiality regulations, Element built a security matrix whereby people can access only their own data. This allowed them to maintain confidentiality without compromising Element’s “single data source” approach.

Further steps

Currently, Element and Fourvision are discussing the possibility to incorporate data capability into the performance management analytical tool, so that the management can see all the changes directly in the tool without coming into the system to check individual records.

Listen to the source

Curious to learn more about our collaboration with Element? Go to the podcast and listen to our interview with Jagannathan Raghavan.

Element Materials Technology Case Study FourVision Performance Management

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