What is it like to work from home?

When COVID-19 struck down in the Netherlands, I also had to work from home when the lockdowns were initiated by the government. Luckily, there are enough great ways to stay in contact with the customer, even though I had to get used to this way of communicating. I started to notice that I would get distracted when I’m giving a remote PowerPoint presentation. Usually, I would speak in front of a crowd with my back towards the presentation screen. In online presentations, I tend to read along with the slides which might come off monotonous. Moreover, you need to ask others more questions and always specify the person whom you are asking the question. This way, you can keep the interaction within a meeting high. In addition to this, it seems that people find it hard to say so when they don’t fully understand you. In a regular physical meeting, people tend to be more straightforward. I’m still looking for ways to lower the threshold.

There are benefits!

A great benefit of working from home is that I can work in my own rhythm. I’m definitely a night owl. It’s hard to fully focus in the morning. So for me, working from home is not all that bad. In addition, many of the customers that I work with are located in other time zones. This means that my working hours are moving to the end of the day, so when I wake up, there is daylight instead of darkness.

FourVision in COVID-19 times

At FourVision, project teams consist of multiple Consultants. This means that I still spend a lot of time with my co-workers. Furthermore, FourVision’s management promotes social contact. I think this is a great way to stay in contact even though we haven’t been able so see each other in person. At last, I hope we can go back to the office again soon!

Working at FourVision

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What is it like to work from home Rebecca FourVision

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