Returning to Work after Summer Vacations are Over

It can be quite a transition going from a relaxing vacation back to the normal hustle and bustle of work. For some, it can be stressful. So we have collected some tips and tricks to make the return to work easier.

Even though holidays plans have likely had to be changed a lot for many people due to COVID-19 restrictions, the time off was (or is going  to be) good for you!

Take Time

While it is nice to make the most of your time off, returning the day before you have to be back at work can be exhausting. Coming back, the same as planning prior to departure, takes time. It means unpacking, sorting things out in the house, getting groceries, and, likely, some tidying up among other things. Doing all of these chores while work is right around the corner can put a damper on your relaxed holiday disposition. So, instead, try coming back a couple of days before work starts. You will have all the time to do the necessary chores without feeling rushed to prepare for work.

Try to keep your agenda free of meetings for the first few days to take time to sort through emails and such. It can help to make priority lists to track what you should do and decide what to start with. This is essential to keep focused and staying on track!

Contact Colleagues

Once you return to work, find the colleagues you work closest with first. They can tell you all about what happened in your absence and help you start back up. This is an important step because projects you were working on before leaving for your holiday may have changed.

Contact with coworkers is also a great way to talk about how you spent your time on holiday! If others have also just come back, you can motivate each other to dive back in  with a positive mindset!

Purposely Positive

Try to keep the holiday mood for as long as you can and try avoiding negative feelings. It may help to plan a variety of fun activities with coworkers during lunch breaks, after work, or with more friends you have not seen in a while. Go have ice cream or drinks and enjoy the feeling of spontaneity a little while longer.

Listening to music you enjoyed during your time away is also a great way to keep the positive vibes with you! It may actually help you remember the positive feelings you experienced!

These things will help you look forward to coming back to the rhythm of your day-to-day work-life!

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