How FourVision’s Boarding Web App helps you Onboard New Talent!

Getting a new job is exciting but it can cause quite a bit of stress at the same time. Your new hire is ready to start but does not yet know your organization’s culture or their colleagues. You, as HRM team have to work hard to ensure everything is ready and set up perfectly so that the new person can really begin on the start day. A big administrative task is prone to mistakes. That is why we have replaced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Onboard with our very own Boarding Web App. The Web App will relieve you of the pressure of streamlining all the administrative tasks associated with bringing in a new hire. This will help you structure your Boarding process.

What Does Your New Talent Need?

So, your new talent starts in a few days. What do they need to start their first day at your organization? Since we live in a digital age, new employees are likely to need a laptop or mobile phone from the first day onward. They will need login data and accounts set up for them to be able to work within the systems you use. Consider accounts such as an email address, a personal work account, and access to shared files or directories with which they will have to work.

In addition to the digital side of things, new employees have to know whose team they are a part of. So how do they know that? More importantly, how can they contact the most important employees for them and how do they know where to find them? And, is there any other information they require to find their way around the office? These questions are only a small indication of what you need to think about before the staff member can start their new position with your organization properly.

How does our Boarding Web App support your Human Resources Department?

First of all, you should regard the Web App as a configurable ‘to-do’ list. You can configure personalized Welcomes Guides for any new employee starting in your company. Regardless of their position, you will be able to give them:

  • access to the most important contact details of their team members and direct colleagues;
  • access to information that is relevant to them and necessary to have about your business processes;
  • contact details to be able to meet their team;
  • access to the office building or how to close off in the evening;
  • the ability to find additional logistical or practical information;
  • any additional information necessary to help them onboard.

Any Welcome Guide can be saved as a template so that you do not have to repeat the same actions to create them more than once. A template can also be personalized to include a specific welcome message for each new person.

Once you have finished the Welcome Guide and personalized the message, you can send it to the new employee and keep track of their progress through the dashboard. Not only will this alert you if they get stuck, but it will also show you how they are doing. You will have templates to relieve you of administrative duties while the new hire will feel welcome and seen.

In short, our Boarding Web App acquaints your new talent with the culture of your organization and ensure that they learn about their position without putting any additional strain on your daily duties.

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