Enhance your Performance Management experience with questionnaires

Arnhem, 13.06.2023 – FourVision has updated its Performance Management Web App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O. The new version includes expanded functionalities for the Questionnaires feature.

Questionnaires are a vital tool for collecting feedback during employee appraisals. FourVision’s questionnaire feature is integrated directly into its Performance Management Web App. This enables managers to easily send surveys to employees, their peers and even customers and other external parties. The responses provide insights into the employee’s performance and help managers to identify topics to discuss during job appraisal meetings.

With the new, improved Questionnaires feature, managers now have the option to send questionnaires in bulk. For example, instead of having to select individual recipients, managers can now select groups of recipients based on smart filters, like department, location and direct-report manager.

The new questionnaire feature also includes alternative hierarchies. This enables HR/People Managers (in addition to direct-report managers) to send out surveys to the employees they are responsible for appraising.

The new features make it easier to collect 360-degree feedback and monitor employees’ performance. They reduce the amount of time spent on preparing for job appraisals and enable managers to collect 360-degree feedback more efficiently. Best of all, the questionnaire results are analyzed directly in the Performance Management, so managers have a clear overview of each employee’s performance, including data-driven insights that help them make better assessments.

FourVision Performance Management Questionnaire Form

FourVision Performance Management Questionnaires Grid

Questionnaires in Performance Management

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