Microsoft retires Attract and Onboard. What happens now?

Microsoft has announced their name change from Dynamics 365 for Talent to Dynamics 365 Human Resources. As the name changes, so does the HR solution. The two applications Attract and Onboard will be retired. By removing Attract and Onboard, Dynamics 365 Human resources is an incomplete solution for you as a partner, for your customers, or, if you are a customer; your HR department.

FourVision, as the Global Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 for Talent, supports the total recruitment and HR process by delivering at least the same functionality while simultaneously offering more easily adaptable options. This is all seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 Human Resources (formerly Talent) and makes the Dynamics 365 platform the best place for a complete, mature Human Resource solution for the Recruiting, Hire to Retire process.


FourVision has the right solutions for you. We see two solutions or options to replace Attract with:

The first is the LinkedIn Talent Hub; if possible we will become the implementation partner for this solution. The other solution or option for businesses who do not use LinkedIn but are in need of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which is a part of the Dynamics 365 platform. In collaboration with Dynamics ATS for recruiting, direct and contract placement, executive search, staffing and consultant businesses, Fourvision supports the full candidate – recruiter – manager experience tailored to your organization’s size and type.


As for Onboarding, we have replaced it with FourVision’s Onboarding Solution which integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Human Resources (formerly Talent) and communicates fluently with our other Web Apps. We offer a fully functional workflow from attract to hire, from registering a new employee to onboarding and managing the new hire’s progress within your company.

FourVision Attract and Onboard