New Performance Management release adds advanced Merit Increase functionality

Arnhem, 23 May 2023 – HR teams and managers can now benefit from an even better merit increase process when using the FourVision Performance Management Web App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

FourVision is dedicated to offering companies the best-possible user experience when working with Microsoft’s ERP package. Its Web Apps serve as a shell around the Microsoft Dynamics F&O core features, adding smoother, automated workflows and clear, user-friendly overviews.

Merit increase is traditionally a time-consuming, error-prone process. HR must export data from multiple sources and enter it into Excel spreadsheets. The spreadsheets are emailed around to managers for approval, posing a significant risk to data accuracy and security. The process generally takes weeks to complete.

The merit increase module from FourVision is integrated into the Performance Management Web App. It automatically collects employees’ performance scores, enabling it to automatically calculate merit increases and initiate a fully automated approval workflow.

HR and managers have full control over the workflow. They may preset the budget that they wish to spend on merit increases and set multiple currencies to use, if desired. Managers also have the option to allocate higher or lower merit increases to specific employees at their discretion. The flexible, efficient process saves time and creates greater transparency: now, all managers have access to a single overview. There’s no more flipping through emails and spreadsheets to find the right data—and no risk that sensitive salary data will be accessed or viewed by the wrong person.

With the latest release, HR can now choose between using the preset management hierarchy from their Microsoft ERP, or a dotted-line management hierarchy. The dotted-line hierarchy allows for the approvals process to be handled faster and more efficiently.

FourVision Performance Management for Dynamics 365 F&O Merit increase table grid

FourVision Performance Management for Dynamics 365 F&O Merit increase form

Merit Increase - FourVision -Functionality for D365 F&O HR

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