Latest on the upcoming Dynamics 365 HR-F&O migration

Microsoft’s migration of the standalone version of Dynamics 365 Human Resources (HR) into the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O) has been completed. This means that Dynamics 365 HR users have until the end of 2023 to complete their own migrations and move from HR to F&O.

What is the migration?

The infrastructure merge forms part of Microsoft’s wider ‘One Dynamics One Platform’ (ODOP), which focuses on the convergence of F&O with the Microsoft Power Platform. All users of D365 HR must therefore migrate to D365 F&O before the December 2023 deadline as the standalone D365 HR solution will no longer be supported after this date and may become unusable.

Dynamics 365 HR users have two key options for how to conduct their migration depending on whether they currently use only HR or are also using F&O. To learn more about these options, have a read of our comprehensive guide.

What’s the latest?

In preparation for the December 2023 deadline, we performed a Lift & Shift migration of our own Dynamics 365 HR environment. Doing so has enabled us to tighten up and fine-tune our methods for carrying out the migration process, ensuring that everything is working as planned so that we can hit the ground running with helping our own customers carry out their own migrations.

We are currently helping a select few of our customers with their migrations—one of whom has a large amount of data and several integrations to move from HR to F&O—and welcome enquiries from any other customers or external users of Dynamics 365 HR who would like our experts to lead theirs.

With the migration deadline quickly approaching (it’s already May!), we strongly advise all Dynamics 365 HR users to begin making plans for their migration now, even those who are direct customers of Microsoft. Having plans in place will make for a smoother, quicker migration and mitigate the potential for downtime.

Learn more about the migration process

FourVision maintains an extensive FAQs page on the Dynamics 365 HR to F&O merge. We recommend that all HR users have a read of this and the other resources available on our website, where you will be able to find answers to all your questions related to the upcoming migration.

The experts at FourVision are also in a position to step in and help any Dynamics 365 HR user with their migration workflow, including:

  • Conducting an analysis of your current environment and custom integrations.
  • Deciding on the right type of migration for your environment.
  • Setting up internal communications and messaging.
  • Testing your migration and any new integrations.
  • Reporting the production as ready to Microsoft for auditing and deployment.

If you would like to find out more or book an initial free consultation, get in touch!

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